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Schlage Lock Development Project

A commitment to environmental, economic, and social sustainability

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visitacion valley redevelopment

Universal Paragon Corporation


Universal Paragon Corporation (UPC) is a leading real estate design and development firm based in San Francisco, CA. We create sustainable, livable and thriving projects that balance economic value and environmental sensitivity. We partner with local communities to build a range of residential, commercial, hotel and mixed-use projects that reflect local values and serve local needs. Our environmentally sustainable approach is at the core of our business philosophy, and is complemented by our multi-disciplinary expertise in design, planning and finance.


UPC incorporates innovative urban design and construction techniques in all of our projects that allow communities to grow while also preserving valuable open space, improving vital transportation and mobility, providing opportunities for high-value job creation, and ultimately giving residents a better quality of life.


Learn more about UPC on our Company Website.


Renderings Courtesy CCSF & VMWP