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Schlage Lock Development Project

A commitment to environmental, economic, and social sustainability

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visitacion valley redevelopment

Public Workshops and Meetings


Here's information from past workshops and meetings. See information about upcoming events by clicking here.


Project Update Presentations at Vis Valley Community Meetings (2012 to 2014)


A series of community udpate meetings were held to discuss alternatives to replace Redevelopment funds, including project site redesign and other available locally available public funds:


Learn about upcoming events by clicking here.


Community Priorities and Site Redesign Presentation on Oct 13, 2012 (2.8MB)

Open Space Redesign and Building Heights Presentation on Jan 12, 2013 (4.4MB)

Site Plan Changes and Leland Greenway.Presentation Part I on May 18, 2013 (3.8MB) and Part II (7.4MB)

Final Plan Changes and Community Benefits Presentation on March 22, 2014 (2.8MB)


Workshop Results (Via Planning Department website)



Urban Design Presentations at Vis Valley Citizens Advisory Committee (2010 to 2011)


Urban design, including the building forms and retail programming, are being presented at the monthly Visitacion Valley Citizens Advisory Committee (VVCAC) meetings and its Urban Design Subcommittee meetings. The following presentations have been made at past meetings:


Retail Study Presentation on April 13, 2010 (0.7MB)

Urban Design Presentation on April 13, 2010 (11.5MB)

Grocery Store Alternatives Presentation on June 15, 2010 (1.7MB)

Urban Design Presentation on June 29, 2010 (11.4MB)

Urban Design Presentation on July 13, 2010 (13.1MB)


Open Space and Streetscape designs are also discussed at the CAC meetings. See below for the presentations and results.


Check the Calendar Page for upcoming CAC meetings.



Open Space, Streetscape & Site Design Workshops (2010)


Workshop 1: Open House (February 20-21, 2010)


The planning process for the future parks and streets on the former Schlage Lock factory site kicked off with the Open Space, Streetscape and Site Design Open House, a two-day walk-in, walk-out public event at the Visitacion Valley Elementary School. See the Event Notices in English, in Spanish, or in Chinese.


The Open House Presentation Materials were organized into Stations (click on the links in blue to see the presentation boards for each station). Community participants were first introduced to the Purpose and Rules of the Open House. Then at Station 1, participants learned about the Project Background, including results of past planning processes, current planning efforts, and site conditions. Next at Station 2, participants voted on which set of Evaluation Criteria they thought are most important for creating and selecting among future alternative designs. Then at Station 3, participants voted on images of Open Space Characteristics they thought are most and least appropriate for the Project site. At Station 4, participants saw the Open Space Facilities that are existing in the community and what people have said in the past that they want to be built at the Project site. At Station 5, participants wrote down Public Comments for everyone to see. Finally at Station 6, participants learned about the Next Steps in the workshop series.


See the Summary of Workshop Results by clicking HERE.



Workshop 2: Design Alternatives (April 3, 2010)


On April 3rd (10 am - 1 pm at Visitacion Valley Elementary School), we held the second public event, Workshop 2 - Open Space and Urban Design Alternatives. See the Event Flyer by clicking HERE.


During the event, Visitacion Valley residents and businesses shared ideas and provided input to the design of public spaces and community character at the former Schlage Lock factory site. The second workshop began with a Presentation on alternatives for the public spaces, which were developed based on the results of the first workshop. Participants then spent time at break-out groups doing interactive activities that allowed everyone to share their input and provide feedback of the different options, including their organization and character (look and feel).


See the Summary of Workshop 2 Results by clicking HERE.



Workshop 3: Preliminary Open Space Master Plan (May 22, 2010)


The third workshop was held at Visitacion Elementary School from 10:30am to 1:30pm. See the Event Flyer. The preliminary preferred alternative, designed in response to site conditions, regulatory requirements, public comments, etc., was shown in a Presentation. Members of the public then reviewed and provided written comments on the look and feel of this Preferred Alternative, followed by an hour of public discussions.


See the Summary of Workshop 3 Results by clicking HERE.



Post-Workshop Drafts & Presentations at VVCAC (Fall 2010)


Results of the workshops are presented at the monthly VVCAC meetings. Revisions of the Preliminary Open Space Master Plan are also being reviewed. Check back on this page for design revision updates and join us at the VVCAC Meetings. Check the Calendar Page for upcoming CAC meetings.


The first draft of the design revised based on comments received at Workshop 3 can be downloaded by clicking HERE.


The second draft of design revisions, presented at the September 14, 2010 CAC Meeting, can be downloaded by chapter by clicking the following links: Cover & Table of Contents, Introduction, Site-wide Strategy & Palette, Park Design, Streetscape Design, and Appendices. See the presentation made at the CAC Meeting by clicking HERE.


The final draft of design revisions, presented at the November 9, 2010 CAC Meeting, can be downloaded on the Documents, webpage. See the presentation made at the CAC Meeting by clicking HERE.



Design for Development Workshops (2006-2007)


SF Planning Department held five public workshops for the community to refine the land use framework for the site; to create guidelines for the design and programming for the new open spaces; to establish the street network; to focus towards sustainability guidelines, and to finalize a site design that will ultimately guide Schlage's redevelopment. See workshops materials and results on the Planning Dept Project Webpage. Read the Design for Development (Click Here to Download, 7.1MB).


Strategic Visioning Workshops (2002)


An initial, two-month community planning process began, with the support of the S.F. Planning Department and in conjunction with the office of Supervisor Sophie Maxwell, to guide the establishment of permanent zoning controls for the Schlage Lock property. The Planning Department publishes the results of the community planning process in the Strategic Concept Plan and Workshop Summary (Click Here to Download, 19.7MB) that calls for a transit and pedestrian-friendly mix of residential and neighborhood-serving retail and commercial development, including a full-service grocery store, as well as significant new open space and parks.


Renderings Courtesy CCSF & VMWP