Epic Games’ Summer Sale 2022 campaign has officially begun. We have compiled the top 10 games for you that you can buy for 10 TL or less.

With the free games campaigns it has launched in recent years, it has made a throne for itself in the hearts of gamers. epic gamesannounced the start of the Summer Discounts 2022 campaign, which he made traditional, with a statement he made recently. Players, more than 75 percent with discounts they can make significant savings.

As such, we have decided to prepare some content for you. In this context; in this content, with a reduction the price fell below $10 We’ll take a look at the best games available. If you wish, let’s not go any further and look at the games priced below 10 TL under the Epic Games Summer Discounts 2022. Without continuing our content, all the games are at a good level, simple and uninteresting Let’s say we don’t look back at games.

The best games you can buy for less than 10 TL in the 2022 summer sales

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theHunter: The Call of the Wild

Hunting is an indispensable hobby for some people. However, killing animals that live alone in the wild is not a reasonable approach. If you think like us but hunt If you’re wondering what your experience is like, theHunter: Call of the Wild is for you. The game, which has a normal price of 32 TL, is covered by the 2022 summer sales. for 9.60TL can be purchased.

The City of Lights

The City of Light, from time to time You will have a hard time holding back your tears. interesting game. In this game where you will give life to a 16-year-old girl named Renée who suffers from mental disorders, you will take a trip to the psychiatric hospital where Renée lived through a very difficult period. If your level of English is not good, don’t worry. The Turkish patch of the game has also been prepared and this Sad story it makes you understand. The discounted price of the game is 4.95 TL.

close to the sun

Close To The Sun, which is an unprecedented production in the world of video games. voltage type This game, essential for those who love it, is similar to Bioshock, but it fully deserves its price. Rose Archer The game, where you bring a named journalist to life, also includes the most important names in the scientific world such as Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein. The price of the game has dropped to 9.60 TL as part of the discounts.

BioShock Remastered

The BioShock series, which we had the opportunity to meet in the early 2000s, was remastered version again became the center of attention. In the game where action and tension are at its peak, you will embark on adventures in the underwater city called Rapture and try to survive. The game, which has a normal price of 31 TL, will be offered at a 75% discount as part of the 2022 Summer Sale. for 7.75TL can be purchased.

Urban Freestyle Trial

Urban Trial Freestyle is a very similar game. This game, which attracted a lot of attention when it was released, has a motorcycling and you try to skip the track given to you by collecting the highest score. The game, which can be bought for 83.49 TL, has decreased to 8.34 TL as part of the summer 2022 discounts.


If you’re looking for a quiet game away from war, you’ve come to the right place. In this game that players admire, flooded You will explore a mysterious town and try to survive with your injured brother. If you want to buy Submerged, just TL3.30 You must pay.

Batman Arkham City Game of the Year Edition

arkham city, Batman It went down in history as one of the series’ most beloved productions. This legendary game is under discounts. for 7.75TL can be purchased.

Tomb Raider GOTY

It managed to become one of the legendary productions in the video game world. grave robber Additionally, Epic Games Summer Sale 2022 received a substantial discount. The game, which is 80% off, can be purchased for 8.40 TL right now.

Iratus: Lord of the Dead

epic games’highly recommended“Iratus: Lord of the Dead is a turn-based strategy and tactical RPG game. This game, in which you try to manage an army full of zombies, has a simple structure, but is quite immersive. The game, whose normal price is 42 TL, is within the scope of discounts. for 8.40TL you can buy.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun brings you in Japan in 1615 will take. This game, where strategy and stealth are at the forefront, is one of the productions that will be appreciated by gamers who are interested in Far Eastern culture. Epic Games Summer Sale 2022 Game Price, TL5.90.

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