As part of the Amazon Prime Shopping Festival, there is a full week of discounts on many products! We have compiled some of the most beneficial home technology products.

from Amazon First shopping festival campaign has started. There are thousands of discounts on products from every category you can think of in the campaign, which will run for a full week between July 18-25, especially for Turkey.

We’ve listed some tech products you can buy from home while there’s a discount. When preparing the list We also looked at general market prices and tried to choose the most suitable ones.. Before you start shopping, click here and as a Prime member you can enjoy discounted prices and special Prime member benefits. Happy shopping now!

Tech product recommendations for your home

Let Wi-Fi Tap into Every Room: TP-Link Wi-Fi Signal Booster

TP-Link RE305

  • TL568.43 → TL473.69

It’s fine in the living room, but when you go to the bedroom, the internet doesn’t work? if you are at home to wifi signal booster If there is a need, you can try this product from TP-Link, the performance of which has received positive feedback and the price is currently favorable.

You can click here to view and buy the product.

RENPHO smart digital scale that can be integrated into healthcare applications

digital bathroom scale

  • TL469.99 → TL328.99

If you need a digital scale, like weight, fat percentage, muscle mass, etc. Capable of 13 different measurements and RENPHO smart digital scale which can match Samsung, Apple and Google health apps can be a good option.

You can click here to view and buy the product.

The savior for those who are too lazy to iron: the Tefal steam straightener

Install the ironing board, wait for the iron to heat up, iron… This process is so tedious that wearing wrinkled clothes is a better option. Steam hair straighteners are like saviors in this regard. If you haven’t bought one yet, Tefal is approx. Lightweight and portable 1 kg steam straightener you can take a look.

You can click here to view and buy the product.

To control the temperature and humidity of the house: digital thermometer ZAUSS

digital thermometer

Compare the temperature difference inside and outside the house with digital thermometers, measure humidity and controls, measures can be taken to save natural gas/energy. If you have such a need, you can take a look at the digital thermometer from ZAUSS, which stands out as a good price/performance option among these products.

You can click here to view and buy the product.

A comfortable and useful technological accessory: the Vigo Wood padded laptop stand

laptop stand

Especially in the summer heat, reading and watching something with a laptop on your lap is real torture. If you want to spend time with a laptop on your lap without sacrificing the comfort of the couch or bed, you might consider buying a laptop stand. With space and cushion where you can put your phone The Vigo Wood laptop stand is a good option!

You can click here to view and buy the product.

Add color to the atmosphere at home: the Cozylady LED strip

If you want to add color to your house and have a good performance but affordable too If you are looking for lighting, we have a suggestion for you. Cozylady LED Strip, with very positive reviews, is a good alternative.

You can click here to view and buy the product.

Special Philips Hue Play 2 starter kit for those who can save more money for home atmosphere

  • TL2860.88 → TL2247.58

If you have a bigger budget for home ambience, the Philips Hue Play 2 and including connecting bridge You can evaluate the starter package at a discounted price.

You can click here to view and buy the product.

Compact and practical TESSAN power strip tower

If cables are crowding your desk and you’re looking for a tidy, surge-protected outlet; with USB socket, with 11 sockets You can take a look at the TESSAN power strip pylon. The number of USB ports in the product is 3 and thanks to its special design, all sockets and USB can be used at the same time.

You can click here to view and buy the product.

Brennenstuhl Super-Solid power strip with high current protection, where you can safely connect all your devices

Considering how the prices of technological products have exploded, it is essential that the outlets to which a lot of equipment is connected are protected against the current. If you’re looking for a plug that won’t let you down and that you can trust, although the price is a bit salty, our recommendation that you can’t miss while there’s a discount ready is the Brennenstuhl Series Multiple Plug Super Solid. socket with 8 sockets, at a time It also offers an equipment guarantee up to 5,000,000 euros.. So they have great confidence in their products…

You can click here to view and buy the product.

H2O steamer and aromatherapy diffuser that you can use both in your car and at home

Diffusers are very useful to eliminate bad odors and humidify the environment. If you want to try H2O an affordable option Discover the diffuser.

You can click here to view and buy the product.

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