Tonight at 8:00 p.m. on SHOW TV’A new series will debut, which will bring viewers together on their screens.
“Let life come as it knows it”…

Talking about the experiences of a group of young people who started their lives from scratch after meeting “Sadi Payaslı”, who will change their lives, and say: “Everyone deserves a second chance” “Let life come as it knows it”One of the most feared names in the underworld, ‘Seven Emin’, makes an unexpected decision after a child’s accidental death in an attack by his enemies and helps bring down the mafia by turning himself in to the police .

‘Seven Emin’ is registered as dead and after that day he starts to continue his life as ‘Sadi Payaslı’. ‘Sadi Payaslı’, who started working in Karabayır High School as a geography teacher, was placed there with Inspector ‘Songül’. ‘Sadi Payaslı’ is not the only guest at Karabayır High School.
‘Can’, ‘Angel’, ‘Zülfikar’, ‘Mert’ and ‘Aylin’, who left the reformatory with the application of the pilot school of the Ministry of Justice, will also be educated in this high school. Their reason for entering and their stories are also different.

“Let life come as it knows it”protagonists of Ertan Saban, Ozge Ozberk and Ozkan Revolutionwhy the show will be special for viewers NewstukHe said so in an interview with .


What characteristics of “Come, Life as It Knows” brought you to participate in the series?
The scenario was different from the dramas we are used to. Altan Dönmez is a director in whom I have great confidence. This was one of the biggest assets of the project; I wanted to work with him. The whole team works in harmony.

What kind of work do you do before stepping in front of the camera to play a character? Did you do standard work for ‘Sadi Payaslı’ or did you work on this character with a different method?
Our teacher Konstantin Stanislavski… Everything we learned, we learned from him and of course from our teachers at school. I continue to apply what I have learned in each project.

“Let Life Come As It Knows” is a must-watch TV series. Because…
Because the drama. It contains many elements. Tears, happiness, quarrels, family atmosphere. Just like in life… Each character’s story will touch the audience individually.

Have you ever experienced transformations as clear as ‘Sadi Payaslı’? And have you ever tried to get a second chance?
There haven’t been such sharp turns in my life, but everyone should have a second chance in life; I believe him. However, I would like to open a separate parenthesis for this; rapists are not included in these words. Don’t give them a second chance.

There are plenty of young colleagues in the cast of ‘Come, Life as It Knows’. What would you most like to recommend to them?
Let them laugh and have more fun.

What does comedy mean to you?
I will answer in one word; my job.