As the use of social media platforms increases with the spread of mobile devices, the share of influencer marketing in marketing strategies is increasing. Data published by Influencer Marketing Hub on the subject indicates that the influencer marketing market, which was around $14 billion in 2021, will exceed $16 billion in 2022.

While 68% of brands who want to increase their sales by taking advantage of social media opportunities aim to increase their influencer budgets in their marketing campaigns in 2022, a website that recently transformed into a phenomenon content platform reveals the curious influencer income score.

Stating that social media platforms are not only a communication but also an advertising and promotional tool, founder Yaşar Can evaluated their research and said:

“Social media, which has become one of the most effective ways to communicate between people, is a source of income for some people, while it is becoming an important channel for brands to reach their target audiences. As freaks move their business to digital channels, brands showcase their products through social media freaks. Freaks who regularly share content mostly on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok reach a monthly income of between 20-30,000 TL in 2-3 years.


Emphasizing that influencer earnings play an encouraging role in turning social media users into content producers, Yaşar Can shared the following information about influencer earnings on major social media platforms:

“TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. In our research, we see that the total live streaming and sponsored revenue of the phenomenon with around 100,000 followers in this app exceeds 8,000 TL: While TikTok does not pay any fees to its users and does not offer a program such as ad revenue sharing, the situation takes on another dimension on the YouTube platform.


Stating that channel owners can earn revenue from ads on YouTube, founder Yaşar Can said, “About 55% of advertising revenue from YouTube phenoms goes to channel owners and they get paid between 2 and 25 TL per thousand views on this platform. . Freaks can start making money if they hit 4,000 watch hours with a thousand followers. Of course, making a profit does not stop there. Because channel owners can earn up to 100,000 TL per video with the ads they place in the video. Channels with around 1 million subscribers earn between 15 and 40 thousand TL per month.


Emphasizing that as the number of advertisements requested from Instagram influencers increases, the cost of advertisements also increases, Yaşar Can said, “Although the revenue generation methods of Instagram influencers differ among account holders, many between them advertise other pages on their own accounts. , offer their own products for sale or work for a company. He earns money by working together. Instagram phenoms, who average 100,000 followers and 10-30,000 views, are charged around a thousand TL for their shares. Those with more than 1 million subscribers, on the other hand, do postpaid collaborations, so this figure varies from 5,000 TL to 30,000 TL.


Noting that Twitch, a major live streaming network, makes money from gaming-based entertainment videos, Yaşar Can concludes by saying, “While Twitch publishers can only receive their payouts if they exceed $100, Twitch channel partners also open the door for publishers to earn additional revenue.” gave:

“As social media transforms into a rapidly growing revenue pool for many industries and individuals, the status and earnings of phenomena in these channels inspire many users. As a platform where people who want to be content producers publish their content, we help them make a job out of it.”

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