“Come, Life As It Knows” grabbed attention with its first episode

The project designed and scripted by Gani Müjde and directed by Altan Dönmez, “Gelsin Hayat Knows As It Is”, received great success with its highly anticipated first episode, and generated intense interaction on social networks with the hashtag #GelsinHayat . While the tag #GelsinHayat was on the TT list for 11 hours and 50 minutes, Ertan Saban, who brought the character of ‘Sadi Payaslı’ to life, was on the agenda for 4 hours and 35 minutes and became the one of the most talked about topics in social media.


The excitement didn’t wane for a moment in the first episode of the series, which chronicles the experiences of a group of young people who started their lives behind a zero, after meeting their life-changing Sadi Payaslı and says “Everyone deserves a second chance”. Emin Güngören, or Yedi Emin as he is known in the underworld, was cornered and attacked by his enemies as a fearless, fearless mobster with a single gun. Seven Emins managed to survive the attack, but a little girl and her family were killed in the conflict. Emin, who believed himself responsible for this death, made an unexpected decision and went to the police station to surrender. Thanks to Emin, who testified as a confessor, many mafia bosses in Ankara have been arrested.

As per the deal he made with the police, Emin Güngören was registered as dead and started to continue his life as Sadi Payaslı. As a result of police research, the Karabayır high school geography teacher was found to be the only suitable position in public institutions. Sadi was placed there as a married couple with Inspector Songül. Although she had a harsh view of criminals, Songül saw this as an opportunity to pursue the killers who martyred her father years ago.

Sadi Payaslı was not the only guest at Karabayır High School. Can, Melek, Zülfikar, Mert and Aylin, who were released from the reformatory thanks to the Ministry of Justice’s pilot school request, were also sent to this high school. Zülfikar, one of these youngsters, who had each been in a reformatory for different reasons, was arrested by the police with pills in his pocket as he searched for the drugs he had found in his pocket of his brother Ozan, whom he loved dearly, and held responsible for the men who got his brother into this mess. Melek, who lost her father to cancer at a young age and was doomed to grow up with her stepfather after her mother’s second marriage, could no longer bear her stepfather Celal’s harassment and was sent in a reformatory when Celal fell down the stairs and became paralyzed trying to protect her mother.

Aylin, who had struggled for years to endear herself to her adoptive family, had to take responsibility for her kleptomaniac sister Sanem. Computer enthusiast Can, meanwhile, got caught when he hacked into the bank accounts of insurance company partners and distributed them to the poor. On the other hand, Mert, who saw that a woman was being abused by her husband along the way, intervened and was guilty of being injured by the knife he had drawn.

Araz, the most troublesome student at Karabayır High School, where teachers line up to escape and even the principal’s nightmare, was quick to bother the new students with his gang. It was Sadi Payaslı who stood in front of Araz and his gang and took these five youngsters under their wing.


The cast and crew of the series watched the first episode together during the organization held at Uniq Istanbul BKM Kitchen. The enthusiastic applause and cheers never ceased throughout the aired series. After the screening, the crew and cast congratulated each other and cut the cake. Living together the emotion of the first episode, the team did not fail to take a souvenir photo.


After the first episode of the series, the second episode was presented to the public. As Araz’s comments about Sadi Payaslı increase the tension, what will happen between the two is already highly anticipated. As footage revealed that five youths had been released from Karabayır High School Correctional Center, Araz said, “There is an operation in the evening! His words arouse curiosity as to what is to come.

‘Come, Life As It Knows’ is on SHOW TV with its second episode on Thursday, July 28 at 8:00 p.m.

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