– Born in 1954, his full name is Denzel Hayes Washington Jr.

He earns $60 million every year.

– When he was 14, his parents divorced and he was sent by his mother to Oakland Military Academy, a private preparatory school in New Windsor, New York. Washington later, “That decision changed my life because I couldn’t survive in the direction I was going.” he said. (Before going to military school, he and his closest friends were drifters. In an interview with Parade Magazine, Washington said those guys were later collectively sentenced to nearly 40 years in prison.)

Note: When they say vagrancy, they take bad roads.

– There are 2 Oscars and 10 Oscar nominations in total. He won Best Actor Oscar for Training Day and Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Glory.

– He is the most nominated black actor with 10 Oscar nominations.

– There are 2 Golden Globe Awards.

– At the 73rd Golden Globe Awards, Cecil b. Demille won the Lifetime Achievement Award.

– The actors he most wants to work with are al pacino and robert de niro, and the director he most wants to work with is martin scorsese.

– After graduating from high school, he continued with the journalism department at Fordham University.

He won Best Supporting Actor for his role as Private Silas Trip in Glory (1989).

Denzel Washington paid the tuition for the acting program of Chadwick Boseman, who died of colon cancer.

– His father did not allow his children to watch secular movies because he was very religious. He only allowed them to watch Christian movies. He also did not allow his children to play sports. They could only attend religious services.

– He received martial arts training from Bruce Lee’s student for his role in The Book of the Hand and did not use stunts in the fight scenes.

– His performance as Malcolm X was ranked 17th on Premiere magazine’s list of the 100 Greatest Performances of All Time. complete list

Washington said he read the Bible every day.

– Among his favorite black actors are Idris Elba and Chiwetel Ejiofor, who starred with him in the American gangster movie.

– He was late for the 1987 Oscars ceremony, when he arrived, the red carpet was over and the ceremony had already started.

– Tom Hanks says working with Denzel Washington in Philadelphia was like “going to film school” and he learned more about acting in Washington than anyone else.

– He’s been a huge Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Lakers fan since he was a kid.

He wore a military uniform in at least six of his films.

Joining Robert De Niro, Kevin Spacey, Jack Nicholson, Jack Lemon and Hackman, he became the sixth actor to win Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor and Best Actor.

– The role Washington most regrets turning down is Detective David Mills, played by Brad Pitt. (see se7en)

– When Denzel Washington won his first Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in Glory, he was the second black actor in history to win. the first was sydney poitier in 1963.

-Julia Roberts, Samuel L. Friends with Jackson, Viola Davis, Michelle Pfeiffer and Tom Hanks.

– She spent months with Washington Post reporters preparing for her role in The Pelican Brief.

– Left college with a 1.7 GPA.

He lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife, Pauletta Washington, and their four children.

– He was chosen as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world by people magazine in 2002.

– On July 7, 2022, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Joe Biden in a ceremony in the East Room of the White House.

– in the cinema training day “King Kong has nothing against me” The line is improvised. “I made this up,” he said in a 2012 interview with gq.

Associated scene

Some of the answers from Washington, who attended a Reddit Q&A

– explained the secret to looking young as follows:

“I come from a good gene pool. When I was young it took me a long time to get into clubs, and my eldest daughter now looks like she’s in her twenties, twelve or thirteen. years old, so I think it’s just genetics. I have to add exercise and good nutrition, but you know we can’t beat the weather.”

– When asked whether they were cats or dogs, he gave the following answer:

“Of course dogs…cats are very independent. They piss me off. They play when they want and then turn their back on you. Dogs bring the ball back when you throw it, stick their tongue out, wag their tail. Cats are like ‘not now, I’m too busy’. Definitely dogs…”

– Would you like to be the future james bond? At the question:

“The next James Bond? Better hurry! Yes, I will!” gave the answer.

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Crooked Pinky is the result of a childhood basketball accident

Finally, he has a book called: A hand to guide me.

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