The number of people making money by posting videos on social media platforms is huge. Bailey Sarian is one such name. What sets Bailey apart, the makeup vlogger who has millions of subscribers and whose videos she shares on YouTube, breaks instant view records, is quite remarkable…


Skillful makeup is something most of us are interested in. This is why the number of makeup vloggers on Youtube is increasing day by day. But this, unsurprisingly, is not a subject of interest for men. Men are more likely to listen to true crime stories and engage in research on unsolved murder cases than to put on makeup. Usually of course. These accounts can be thought of in different ways for men and women.

What if we told you that there is a YouTube channel that combines these two subjects wonderfully?

Millions of people watch each of his videos...YouTuber makes a fortune telling stories of crime

The young woman has now become one of the most popular names on YouTube



Bailey Sarian, 33, who lives in Los Angeles, has a YouTube channel with 6.4 million subscribers. The young woman, once started to pay her bills, now earns a lot of money and is watched by millions as soon as her videos are uploaded on the channel.

Bailey Sarian, who went from an LA-based makeup artist to a true crime expert, has an interesting story.

YouTube videos that combine these two completely opposite subjects are called “Murder, Mystery and Makeup”.


What started as a hobby and a job to pay Bailey Sarian’s bills has now become a full-time career. Moreover, one of the largest digital platforms in the world, which follows the videos of the young woman with interest, agreed with Bailey Sarian.

Speaking to the BBC, Sarian said: “I thought it would be great to make some money with YouTube, pay a few bills. Now I’m here with over six million subscribers. I wouldn’t have never thought the channel would become what it is today.” used your words.

The basis of Sarian’s videos is simple: she sits in front of the camera, puts on makeup, and discusses a true crime story. But every video requires a huge amount of research. In fact, things are so high that Sarian is going to hire someone to help her.


A young woman reviews information from court transcripts or police interviews.

Millions of people watch each of his videos...YouTuber makes a fortune telling stories of crime

Bailey Sarian’s own story is also the subject of films.


The most popular video in the series is about notorious American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who killed 17 boys and children between 1978 and 1991, and whom Sarian mentions by applying green to his eyes.

This video has been viewed over 22 million times. This number is higher than the finale of the popular Line of Duty TV series. Sarian’s YouTube videos have been viewed nearly 800 million times in total.

Sarian also learned to sing using YouTube and earns money from it.


Millions of people watch each of his videos...YouTuber makes a fortune telling stories of crime

The channel’s most watched video was the video about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer


Until about three years ago, Sarian mostly uploaded beauty videos and makeup tutorials to her channel, which she launched in 2013.

She combined making YouTube videos with her job as a professional makeup artist. After signing a deal with beauty and grooming company Ipsy, Sarian derived her income almost entirely from YouTube, although she continued to do occasional freelancing.

Millions of people watch each of his videos...YouTuber makes a fortune telling stories of crime



Then in 2018, a story emerged about a Colorado man named Chris Watts, who was sentenced to life in prison for the murders of his pregnant wife Shanann and their two teenage daughters, Bella and Celeste. It was a shocking crime and one that resonated around the world, but Sarian wanted to find out how someone went from a seemingly perfect husband to a murderer who killed his family.

“I was only doing this because I felt uncomfortable in front of the camera and wanted to keep busy,” says the woman who wears makeup as she describes the horrific crimes.


Within 24 hours, he realized he had achieved something different when the view count arrived. Watts’ video eventually got 10 million views.


“So I thought, ‘Maybe I’ll try again with a different story and see if it works the same way. “And it happened, and I kept going and it just got more subscribers and more subscribers every week,” says Bailey Sarian. ..

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