TM Roh, the number one name in Samsung’s mobile products division, talked about the sales of foldable screen phones. According to TM Roh, Samsung sold 10 million foldable screen phones in 2021. According to industry sources, this figure is a bit of an exaggeration.

In a news we shared with you the other day, the upcoming South Korean tech giant Samsung galaxy unboxed since it formalizes its activity we talked about. According to the statement, this event, where we will meet the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4, will be held on August 10. Now a related message from Samsung explanation has come.

Statements made by Samsung, foldable screen smartphone of growing interest. It seems that the company drew consumer attention to this area before introducing its foldable screen phones. Because, according to some industry sources, the statements made are somewhat exaggerated. Let’s all take a closer look at Samsung’s statements.

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Samsung says it sold 10 million foldable screen phones last year


The name that made statements on the subject, the name responsible for Samsung’s mobile division TM Roh it happened. Posting a blog post on Samsung’s website, Roh says the time has come for foldable screen phones. Stating that foldable screen phones were considered an “innovation” three years ago, TM Roh said such products are now He said it has become the choice of millions. and detonated the bomb. According to the executive, Samsung sold about 10 million foldable screen phones in 2021. This figure represents Samsung’s foldable screen phone sales over a one-year period from 2020 to 2021. increased by 300 percent he reveals.


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According to market research companies, around 8 million foldable phones were sold in 2021.

Samsung’s statements had a big impact in the industry. Because 10 million sales and 300% growth in this market were not to be overlooked. Renowned analyst Ross Young, who made statements to The Verge last year 7.9 million units shared data showing that the foldable screen phone has shipped. According to market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC), 7.1 million foldable smartphones were shipped in 2021. It’s unclear how accurate the numbers shared by Samsung are, but according to Ross Young, the winner of the foldable screen phone market is by far Samsung. Because, according to the data obtained, Samsung is expected to pursue the foldable screen phone market in 2021. dominated 87.8 percent.

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