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In France, supermarket chains shook hands for a joint agreement on austerity measures in the context of the energy crisis. While supermarket chains in Turkey say “we are aware of the sensitivity of the process”, it says evening lighting is not used and curtains are drawn in front of fridges to save energy. Support from the bureaucracy is expected for new investments to be made in the name of savings.

According to news by Gamze Şener from Hürriyet newspaper; energy As the crisis continues to deepen around the world, measures that can be taken with the growing demand have started to take their place at the top of the European Union’s agenda. Finally, retail chains such as Carrefour, Monoprix and Lidl in France have announced that they have reached an agreement on energy savings. Although there has not yet been an intense energy supply crisis in Turkey, some on-chain markets say they are aware of the sensitivity of the process and are monitoring it closely. Companies want the bureaucratic process to be simplified in order to accelerate their investments in renewable energy, especially in this period.


The French channel’s markets aim to minimize the effect of rising energy costs and inflation on prices with the deal they have made to save money. While costs are expected to double in the country from 2023; It is also stated that companies can lose blood in this process. Considering that the energy crisis will affect not only France but also many countries, notably Europe, these steps should continue.

BİM CEO Galip Aykaç said that he closely follows the development of the energy market and said: “We are aware of the sensitivity of the process” and made the following assessment: “Both saving materials are used in BİM stores and no lighting devices are used night closing. We save money by drawing curtains in front of refrigerators which consume the most energy. We plan to installing solar power systems on the roofs of 56 logistics center buildings all over Turkey. Bureaucratic processes in solar power investments can take 3-4 months. We look forward to facilitating the steps in this regard. CarrefourSA CEO Kutay Kartallıoğlu said that they will continue to develop new projects within the framework of energy efficiency and said: “We are doing our utmost to bring consumption down to rational levels. We have ns is making a serious investment of 50 million lira in energy efficiency,” he said.

“There will be no arrangement to create gloom”

Chain Stores Association President Serhan Tınastepe said that electricity ranks third in organized retail spending and recalled that they have already taken some action with price increases since the start of the l year: “We don’t have any extraordinary steps so far. Street shops and malls have different standards; There is a level of electricity that must be protected in shopping malls. We cannot pass regulations that will create gloom in a way that will affect turnover and sales,” he said.


It should be noted that the agreement reached by supermarkets in France is in line with the “energy saving plan” announced by Macron nationwide on July 14. Electricity bills in stores are reported to be 30% of total expenditure before energy cost increases. Measures to be taken include closing illuminated signs after stores are closed, reducing the brightness of lights in stores and changing ventilation rates when stores are closed.


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