According to data from, Turkey ranks first in Europe for investments in game startups. In the first half of 2022, 13 game startups received a total investment of $333 million. Turkey left the UK, Norway, Finland and Sweden first.

Turkey’s entrepreneurship ecosystem continued to break investment records in the first half of this year. According to data from Turkey’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, 13 game startups received a total investment of $333 million in the first half of the year. While 265 million dollars were invested in the whole of 2021, exceeding this figure in 6 months clearly revealed the record investment figure. According to the figures of $333 million, Turkey ranks first ahead of England, Norway, Finland and Sweden in terms of investment in game startups. Thus, Turkey has become the most active market for gaming investment. It was particularly remarkable that he left England behind. In the first half of the year, fintech, gaming and fintech startups attracted great interest. In the first half of 2022, a total of $1.393 million was invested across 140 investment rounds. However, when measured quarterly, $114 million was invested across 79 investment rounds in the second quarter. The worst period in the last 5 quarters was the second quarter of 2022.


The event, where shines a light on the Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem after each quarter, took place at JustWork, where record numbers were announced. During the event, all data belonging to the entrepreneurial ecosystem was evaluated. In the first half of 2022, 124 investments were made at the seed stage. 17 of them were made through shared crowdfunding platforms. There was no jump in the number of investments as there are currently 3 active platforms and 2 of them have just launched campaigns. Startups.Watch founder Serkan Ünsal summed up the numbers highlighting Turkey as follows: “Assessing its data in the first half of 2022, Istanbul has become the 4th most invested city in Europe after London, Paris and Berlin in the first half of the year. Oyun In terms of investments, it ranked first in Europe and ranked ahead of London, Oslo, Helsinki and Stockholm.”


In foreign investment, foreign investors participated in one in four investments during the first half. The areas they looked at the most were the gaming and fintech verticals. In the first half of 2022, 23 fintechs received investments. The fintech vertical, which has been active thanks to recent regulations, is also among the verticals with the most startups. Although there was a slowdown in investment in the gaming industry in the second quarter, records were renewed in the first half.
With the investments it received in the first half, Turkey entered the Super League in Europe ahead of the Netherlands, Estonia and Austria. He also participated in the Super League in the Middle East and North Africa region above the United Arab Emirates.


In the first half of 2022, 29 secondary acquisitions and transactions were completed, mainly Alictus, Airties, Volt Lines, Inofab Health, SEM,, Package Taxi, PulpoAR, DUCKT and Park Palet. Institutionals and institutional-affiliated venture capital funds participated in 51 of the 140 investments in the first half. Institutions’ appetite for creating funds, particularly in the GDP format, has grown every year. In the first semester, 36 of the 140 investments were women entrepreneurs. This rate was the highest rate in the last 5 years. When businesses started in the first semester were examined, it was found that only 15% of businesses were founded by female entrepreneurs.


Peak was the best example of how the gaming industry grew by dividing, and how working in startups took the entrepreneurial ecosystem to better places. Peak, a wonderful story about how a successful startup turns into a school, spawned many new startups. 80 people who once worked at Peak went on to found 65 startups. Of these, 28 were gambling attempts. Looking at the numbers, it turns out that Peak is an ecosystem that works like an entrepreneurial factory.


In Turkey 86 funds worth $1.3 billion have been created in the last 5 years. 75% of funds that started investing in startups in the last 1.5 years were established in the GDP/GNI format. It was noted that most of the established funds were below $20m in size and there were only 2 funds (Revo Capital and Earlybird DEF) above $100m in size.
Giving a statement on Venture Capital Investment Funds (GSYFs) in Turkey at the Startups.Watch event, Capital Markets Board Vice Chairman Ali İhsan Güngör, noting the importance of GSFYs especially in rise of Silicon Valley giants, continued his remarks as follows: “In fact, unicorns are as important as startups. This will increase the number of technology startups worth $100 million. In the United States United, apart from giant startups such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, hundreds of technology companies are bringing real depth.Venture capital investment funds have again brought about the birth of these tech giants. GDP in Turkey in a short time Data companies have managed to become the most valuable companies in Turkey while undertaking successful projects.Now we will strive to ensure the size of these funds. ds and a reliable structure while continuing to invest in different verticals for the transformation that will make this permanent. Many tech startups will meet qualified investors.”


Param co-founder Emin Can Yılmaz, which received the biggest investment in the second quarter of 2022 and aims to become Turkey’s first fintech unicorn, drew attention to the importance of investment they received in the transformation of the company he created after long and difficult battles. Yılmaz continued his remarks as follows: “You trade in TL when buying investments. We went through a difficult process due to exchange rate volatility. In the end, I was never discouraged As I come from a technological background, we often developed the solution ourselves. We did not need any investment because we had a profitable structure until today. We want to expand the operation in 11-12 countries. It was also important to have the EBRD brand on our side to offer the right solution for credit. Barış Sivri, the representative of the EBRD fund, said that even if the process, which took 9 months in total and 6 months in total, took time and slowed the business down in this process, they would benefit greatly from initiatives like Param. Sivri, who said EBRD consultants reviewed Param, said, “We we have seen that Param has many services that can be offered abroad during this process.”


Murat Onuk, board member of Arz Portfolio, said doing a lot with less is part of the culture of tech companies and he had the chance to transfer the experience he gained in working at Microsoft at the investment company. Onuk continued his remarks as follows: “There are people who work in companies such as Facebook, Microsoft and Google in investment companies and startups in the United States. They learn to carry out data-driven activities. where they are. We as Arz Portfolio carry the experience that we have. CMB, great. While doing a business, he exchanged ideas on the regulations he made on GDPs. So , more qualified investors were allowed to move into this field.Finally, with the tax advantages and effective audits, the investor had the opportunity to make reliable investments.Today, an investor with an investment of 50,000 TL even had the opportunity to invest in an audited company.


Murat Hacıoğlu, founding partner of B2Metric, who said that as an artificial intelligence startup, they had undergone a significant change during the pandemic period, explained his experience as follows: “We were working on customer forecasts before the pandemic. However, when stores were adversely affected by the pandemic, we focused on the growing digital business line. Instead, millions of We began providing services to institutions that are our customers Firstly, the Türk Telekom Pilot acceleration program allowed us to gain experience and carry the experience we gained in Turkey abroad with the investment tour to which Türk Telekom Ventures participated in. In our overseas experience, we will properly define ourselves and distinguish ourselves from competitors instead of clinging to fashionable concepts. We are now reaping the fruits of our constant efforts to make it a product.


Saying that the e-commerce sector will continue to grow, Rubibrands founding partner and CEO Yetkin Güneş said he has implemented a successful model overseas in Turkey. Güneş explained the details as follows: “There is a long way to go in e-commerce in Turkey. We are committed to developing the businesses of brands that have gained experience in e-commerce through Rubibrands and to manage successfully their marketplaces globally. . Currently we serve 7 brands with a team of 40 people.” D4 Ventures investor Burak Çolak also said the decision making process is easy as this is an area they have already invested in and said, “As D4 Ventures, we have already invested in foreign examples of Rubibrands.”

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