Last year in june Talip Oztürk and Ethem SancakHe became the CEO of BMC after Tosyalı Holding took over the total shares of 50.1% from Murat Yalcintasdid his exams quickly and brought the issue of investment in Sakarya Karasu to the agenda of the board of directors:

– The investment started in Karasu is not feasible for BMC. There is no defense industrial center in the immediate vicinity. Therefore, the cost of production in Karasu is high.

Then he added:

– It would be beneficial for us to stop investing in Karasu and find a place with a defense industry cluster.

Chairman of the Board of BMC Fuat Tosyali and his Qatari partner, Yalcintasraised by “Stop investing in Karasu and move to an area with a defense industrial cluster” Once convinced of the matter, a request was immediately made to the Ministry of Industry and Technology:

– The area where the land awarded to BMC in Karasu is located, which should be an important production base, especially for military engines and tanks, was not considered suitable for this investment by the new board of the company. society. We ask that the land return process begin.

When BMC’s request to return Karasu land to the Ministry of Industry and Technology was made public, the President Recep Tayyip ErdoğanI remembered ‘s speech at the inauguration ceremony in January 2019:

– There will be a tank factory, an armored vehicle and military truck factory, a utility vehicle and engine factory, a high-speed train and metro factory here. We are now laying the foundations for the first phase of 100,000 square meters. It will come into effect in 2020. There will be an investment of $500 million.

ErdoganEmir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamed Al ThaniHe gave the following message during the ceremony which was attended:

– With the production here, an added value of 5 billion dollars will be brought to our economy. There will be an annual export of $1 billion.

BMC CEO at Istanbul Airport on his way to Ankara the morning before Murat YalcintasI asked Karasu about giving up investing when I met, and he replied:

– As soon as we decided not to invest in Karasu, we approached the ministry. We immediately started looking for another investment location. When the place is cleared, we will share it with the public.

In public news “They are dismantling the factory” He said his information was not correct:

– We only transport materials waiting to be used in the further construction from there. We also had machines that were taken, waiting there. We wear them. There is no question of dismantling or demolishing the plant.

He signaled that certain groups were ready to invest there:

– When we gave up investing in Karasu, the ministry started looking for new investors. To my knowledge, a large industrial establishment has approached the Ministry at this time. I think the authorization will be issued soon and the investment will start.

He noted that there was also no dismantling at the Arifiye Tank Pallet Plant:

– On the contrary, our investments in engine modernization and production in Arifiye Tank Pallet Factory continue to increase. We will start mass production of the first Turkish military engine in early 2023.

He particularly insisted on the following point:

– All military engine designs were made here by young Turkish engineers. All rights belong to us. In other words, there will be no licensed production.

He emphasized that as leaders of BMC, they are focused on their work:

– We have also restarted the production of “Storm Howitzers” which had stopped at the Arifiye Tank Pallet Factory. The first production batch has been completed and passed all tests successfully.

Chairman of Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO), who is also in the management of Ankara Aerospace and Aviation Specialized OIZ Nurettin Ozdebir During a conversation with industrialists, particularly in the city, I asked BMC about the search for new investment land, and I learned that they had heard of it.

YalcintasStatements reveal that BMC dropped Karasu as an investment address, not an investment.

BMC will obviously make a region where the defense industry cluster is a “production base” for the Altay Tank.

It looks like BMC’s new investment zone will soon be determined…

The Sorbonne launches its International Executive MBA program in Istanbul

Recently Hakan Guldag Chairman of the Board of Directors of Data Expert’s office with Hassan Altunkaya we met His son and academic director of BMI (Business School Istanbul) Emirhan Altunkaya also accompanied.

Hassan Altunkayarecalled that they have two main tasks:

– 27 years “head hunter”ness (head hunter) we do. So we have a human resources company. We have a role to play in the selection of senior executives for many large domestic and foreign companies.

He showed the flyers and promotional brochures they prepared for Business School Istanbul:

– We also have an education business.

He pointed out that he is also Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of BMI:

– Business schools and MBA programs have established themselves over the past 50-60 years in the United States and Europe.

He listed examples from around the world:

– The Harvard Business School in the United States, the London Business School in the United Kingdom and the Sorbonne in France stand out.

He noted that as BMI, they have also activated an international structure in this regard in Turkey:

– In Turkey with the Sorbonne “International Executive MBA” We launched the program. There will be a 14 month training with 4 day programs once a month.

He said they generally prefer managers with 10 or more years of work experience to participate in the program:

– Sorbonne University has been pursuing the same training with Peking University in China for 6 years and MBA in Finance in Brazil for 4 years. He decided to work with us for the first time this year in Turkey.

He explained that 12 of the 14 modules of the training program will be delivered in Istanbul and 2 in Paris:

– 8 modules will be given by teacher-researchers from the Sorbonne. The 6 modules will be taught by eminent professors from leading universities in Turkey. The main topics will be law, digital transformation, economy and human resources.

He pointed out that registration for the program, which will begin in September, will be complete by the end of this month:

– Individuals at the level of CEO and General Manager of companies have pre-registered. There are also applications from Iran and Azerbaijan. After the interview, the program will start with 30 people.

He shared the following cost information:

– Attending an MBA program at a good university in Europe costs around 50-60,000 euros. The cost of living in the country of destination is not included. At BMI, the cost will be about a third of that.

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