We have all been late for our trip at least once or canceled our ticket at the last minute. But did you know that in the absence of these delays or cancellations, you can make a lot of money under current conditions?

Although it is known as a very rare situation for airlines and hotels to apply, when you encounter it, with today’s exchange rate, it really is. you can win big money Most of us don’t know enough about overbooking.

gather now what is overbookingLet’s see what our rights are in this regard and how much money we can earn in what situation.

For overbooking, you can roughly say “sell what you don’t have”.


Overbooked, oversold or translated into our language in its clearest form overbooking; This is a method typically used by airlines and hotels, saving companies from incurring losses due to “cancelled tickets or late passengers”.

Let’s relive the event with a concrete example to better understand the subject. For example, on the Istanbul-Izmir flight of company X It has a capacity of 100 passengers and according to the statistics that the company regularly keeps, 5 passengers on average cancel their tickets at the last minute or lose their ticket rights by being late for the flight.

The airline company don’t lose money with tickets canceled at the last minute and sells 105 tickets for the Istanbul-Izmir flight to take advantage of late passengers and thus makes a profit almost every time.

The important part of the story for us: What if all passengers arrive at the airport in full?


Despite all the statistical data from the airlines although rare All passengers whose tickets have been sold out or more than the number of seats may have arrived at the airport. In this case, airlines usually offer passengers or passengers who have made the last check-in and have allowances to travel on a flight at another time.

If the passenger refuses to accept the offer Volunteers are sought among all passengers on board and if this volunteer cannot be found, the passenger lets himself be persuaded by offering a legal sum of money (compensation). If the legal amount is not accepted, the amount may be increased by cabin crew.

Whether the passenger was persuaded with or without compensation; he is assigned a new flight and depending on the time of the new flight, hotel and meal expenses are also covered.

Although we do not know our rights, we have rights that protect us in the event of overbooking.


Under the law, the airline is obliged to compensate the passenger with whom it has voluntarily agreed in the event of overbooking. The minimum compensation costs are 100 euros for domestic flights, compared to the distance for international flights. Between 250€ and 600€ exchange. In addition, by law, the airline must arrange a new flight for the customer and, if necessary, pay the passenger’s hotel and meal expenses.

Since we passengers usually don’t know our rights in this matter, airlines close the matter more cost-effectively by giving the passenger a new plane ticket and flight points a few hours later, but if you wish, you can exceed the minimum compensation. amount under appropriate conditions. 10 thousand dollars You can also claim compensation.

Although airplanes are the most common place to encounter this situation, it is not unique to airplanes.


  • A tweet announcing the $10,000 situation at Delta Air Lines (some passengers were offered $10,000 to give up their seat on the Delta Air Lines Michigan – Minneapolis flight).

Although we most often encounter overbookings in planes and hotels, tour operators, rail services, travel agencies, sea travel It is possible to meet in many other places such as. Most Frequent Overbooking, US Airline at Delta Air Lines has passed. In this company, which is famous for overbooking, an average of 95 passengers per 100,000 passengers are overbooked.

Due to cabin crew not accepting the $5,000 offer during the overbooking incident on the Michigan-Minneapolis flight in June of this year. 8 passengers for 10 thousand dollars They say he was persuaded.

When we buy a national lottery ticket, the probability of getting the jackpot on the ticket in our hand There is a one in 10 million chance If we think about it, he is more likely to earn 175 thousand 500 liras with today’s exchange rate by being chosen among 95 people out of 100 thousand people with a plane ticket.

Here are some suggestions for travelers who don’t want to experience overbooking:


Although in case of overbooking, by negotiating Win up to $10,000 Although it is possible, early check-in is recommended for people who are in a hurry and cannot afford to waste time, as airlines usually try to negotiate with passengers who checked in last. In addition, the most frequent cases of overbooking are encountered on the most frequent flights. what is the demand for the flight overbooking It should be mentioned that the probability is so high.

Many people who reported their grievances on plainvar share their grievances that they can’t get paid even if they go to the deal and sign documents when they come across an overbooking situation, companies come up with different suggestions later or payment is delayed. To avoid such problems never sign documents without receiving compensation advised

Well, have you ever overbooked status Have you been a witness?

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