Last January, it was announced that the prototypes produced for the domestic electric tractor had received positive marks in tests conducted in 39 different areas and that a step would be taken towards mass production. Over time, claims that the project was canceled due to some negativities came to the fore. But with the new post released today, the question marks in mind have been lifted.

The household electric tractor is ready for mass production! given date

The domestic electric tractor, which will be produced by ZY Teknoloji, which was created in partnership with Önder Yol and Ziraat Private Equity, has 2 models with different body types. The main feature that sets it apart from other internal combustion engine and hybrid competitors in the world is that it is fully electric, just like Togg.

Zy Household Electric Tractor

When we look at the specs of the vehicle, we see that it will have an engine that will produce over 105 horsepower, according to prototype data shared by Zy. Of course, the most important thing in tractors is the torque they produce. At this point, it is stated to have 494+ Nm of torque. However, it is currently unclear whether these features belong to the smaller model or the larger model.

Togg gave the good news!  The countdown has begun

Togg gave the good news! The countdown has begun

Togg, in his social media post today, said he would start trial production before mass production.

The vehicle battery capacity is 53+ kWh. There is no data for the range. Under normal conditions, it would not be correct to compare a commercial class tractor with automobiles. However, to get an idea, let’s mention that Renault Zoe has a 52 kWh battery and offers a range of up to 395 km.

According to data shared by Zy Technology, these tractors provide up to 90% energy savings compared to their competitors equipped with internal combustion engines sold today. Although it is obsolete, in a statement made a few years ago, it was said that it could travel 100 kilometers at a cost of only 3 TL.

Zy Household Electric Tractor

Unlike conventional diesel tractors, the vehicle, which uses all the possibilities of the electric motor, is distinguished by its quiet operation even under the highest workloads, unlike its competitors.

Also, due to its nature, maintenance costs will be much lower. Moreover, according to the data announced by ZY, it will have a fast charging time of less than 45 minutes. The charging unit to be used here will be integrated into the vehicle.

Zy Household Electric Tractor

In addition to all this, it has been stated in the statement made in the past few years that an average farmer can keep 133,000 TL of annual fuel expenses in his pocket. Of course, electricity and diesel prices have increased 2-3 times over time. Therefore, we can say that this amount has exceeded the level of 200,000 TL at the moment.

The mass production plant for these tractors is expected to be completed by 2023. In 2023, 1200 units will be produced. But the state wants the company to increase that number to 10,000. Of course, that won’t happen all at once. However, this target should also be achieved in 2024-2025.

  • Power (hp): 105+
  • Torque (Nm): 494+
  • Battery capacity (kWh): 53+
  • Maneuver (Wd): 4+
  • Quick charge: full charge in 45 minutes

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