Milyonlarca SGK Emeklisi İçin Ödeme! Para Almadan Önce Mesaj Atmanız Gerekiyor

According to the press release, retirees who receive their pensions via the PTT will be able to receive their payments without any guarantor or condition. Applications are made by SMS by phone…

PTT retirement loan

Retirees who urgently need cash will be able to benefit from a Retirement Credit, which can be used from PTT workplaces without looking for a guarantor and dozens of conditions. SSI retirees will be able to instantly receive cash loans up to 80,000 TL with interest starting from 2.69% interest rate.

Cash Assistance PTT 50,000 TL

For example, the sample payment plan of a retiree who takes out a loan of 50,000 TL with a maturity of 24 months through Aktif Bank is as follows:

Monthly payments: 3025.35 TL
Loan allocation fee: 262.50 TL

You must send an SMS

Retirees who want to meet their cash needs can also avail of an SMS loan facility. Now you can write a blank TC PTT ID number for the loan and text it to 3050, get your pension loan instantly in your account. Citizens who will avail a loan by participating in the Ptt Consumer Loan campaign can avail a loan opportunity as fast as 39000 TL. People who wish to avail consumer credit by applying through their mobile phones can meet their urgent cash needs until the party by quickly availing the loan facility by participating in the loan campaign that the PTT will launch in partnership with Aktif Bank.

Before Eid al-Adha, citizens who will make transactions, including participating in the PTT consumer loan campaign, can visit PTT branches for a loan of 39,000 TL over 36 months with their ID cards , provided they comply with the bank loan terms. After the announcement made on the official website of the Ptt, information is given that people who wish to make their requests can also carry out transactions without going to bank branches. According to the PTT credit rating, it has released information about the ability of retired and insured citizens to obtain loans for this active bank loan, which will enjoy interest rates. If citizens who wish to carry out their transactions by participating in the Ptt consumer loan campaign, wish to apply for a loan with a period of 3 months, it is also possible to participate in the loan campaign initiated by these banks via SMS , that is, by message.

SMS app

If people who want to apply by SMS want to avail the loan facility, just write PTT, leave a space and write the ID number, and send this message to the active number 30 50 , which is the bank’s SMS Credit service number. After the message you sent to number 30 50, the band will promptly inform you of the consumer loan campaign, inform you of the loan amount as much as the approved amount, by message, and invite you to the PTT agency the closer and will allow you to use the approved amount.

80,000 TL paid to retirees

Cash support of up to 80,000 TL is offered by the PTT to solve the urgent cash needs of retirees. At the same time, retirees are not required to have any guarantors or conditions for payments to be made under the PTT Pension Loan.

SSI retirees who receive their salary via PTT can benefit from it

The cash support provided with attractive interest rates starting from 2.49% aims to offer a sigh of relief to all retirees in need of cash. Thanks to the support loan, which can be used by all SGK pensioners who receive their pension from the PTT, the cash flow problem of the pensioner in urgent need of money will be solved.

How are applications made?

The method of application was one of the subjects of curiosity. All pensioners who receive their salary at PTT can apply for a loan with SMS for all their cash needs up to 50,000 TL unconditionally and unconditionally.

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