Haluk Levent, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Governorate of Malatya and Metropolitan Municipality of Malatya, organized the “25. He gave a concert at Mişmiş Park Fairground on the second day of Malatya’s international cultural and artistic activities and the festival of the apricot. Haluk Levent, who took the stage in front of 45,000 people in Malatya, took the peddlers selling cotton candy on stage and bought all the cotton candy on behalf of the “Dude Association”. The artist, who feasted on cotton candy on stage, distributed others to his fans who came to the concert… Haluk Levent’s surprise behavior almost thrilled his fans.

Malatya, the Apricot Capital, is organizing the “25th International Festival of Malatya and Apricot Cultural and Artistic Activities” in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Governorate of Malatya and the Metropolitan Municipality of Malatya . The festival, which will host many events this year, will end on Sunday. The activities taking place since the first day of the festival continue to create great excitement and energy in the city. In the continuity of daytime entertainment, concerts by famous artists bring together large crowds at night. On the second day of the festival, local artists, popular folk music artist Özlem Büyük from Malatya and Haluk Levent took the stage at the Mişmiş fairgrounds.


More than 45,000 music lovers filled the Mişmiş Park fairground for the Haluk Levent concert, turning on their cellphone lights to create beautiful images. Haluk Levent, who took the stage after local artists, sang his favorite songs during his concert which lasted over two hours. The artist, who also entered the space between the public for some time, drew attention to the increase in cases of covit-19 and said: “I actually don’t want to get too close of you today. I may also be a case of covit-19, and I don’t want to infect you, let’s not come close and knock on it today,” he said.


The performer, who couldn’t sit still with the effect of energetic vocals in his concert, also performed an acrobatic show by climbing the poles on the stage. The stage staff also assisted the performer, who rode the sound columns at the sides of the stage.


The famous entertainer, who has done many charitable works under the Friends Association, also supported children with SMA in Malatya from the stage. The performer, who showed the banners and posters of families who opened the banners for their children from the stage and wanted to contribute to donations for children with SMA, said, “We will do everything we can to them”.


The artist, who impressed with his stage performance, made an improvised song during his concert and invited seven children on stage, who sold cotton candy with the song. The artist, who bought the sweets from the peddling children who came on stage with cotton candy in their hands, like the Dude Association, for 10 lira each, said: “These friends of ours tried to sell their cotton candy for hours with sweat. Let’s not ignore their hard work. It’s the candy from my childhood, I love it,” said the artist, who opened a packet and ate it on stage with great pleasure and bought the whole thing about 150 candy floss, and distributed sweets to his orchestra and his fans. There was also a small-scale scuffle during the candy distribution. Fans of Haluk Levent, who has made many surprise purchases under the Ahbap Association, responded to this behavior with applause and cheers. During the concert, Governor of Malatya Hulusi Şahin and Mayor Selahattin Gürkan presented Haluk Levent with an archaeological figure of Arslantepe and apricots.

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