Günde 13 Liraya 10 Bin Liralık Kredi Alabilirsiniz! Halkbank Başvuruları İnternetten Alacak Anında Hesaba Yatıracak

Halkbank came to the rescue of citizens whose expenses such as shopping, education, weddings and debt payment were urgently needed. Halkbank, which always offers favorable interest rates to the public with the campaigns it creates, has announced that it will provide fast loans with an interest rate of 1.89% this time. Applications to be received online will be concluded during the day and will be deposited in the citizen account.

The minimum consumer loan amount to be used in the Fast Loan campaign has been determined at 1,000 TL and the maximum loan amount at 10,000 TL. It was shared on the bank’s website that the monthly interest rate is 1.89%. You can make your loan repayments very flexibly; You can make equal monthly payments, increasing payments, decreasing payments, 3 equal monthly payments or one free payment. If you wish, you have the option of making an interim payment and closing your loan early.


If you use your 10,000 lira equal installment loan with a maturity of 36 months, your monthly payment amount will be 415 lira. The 1.89% interest rate applies only to customers who agree to purchase life insurance. The interest rate to be applied to those who do not wish to take out life insurance is 1.94%. If these people take out a loan of 50,000 lire with a maturity of 36 months, the amount of the deposit to be paid is 419 lire.


You can easily apply for the quick loan campaign prepared by Halkbank for people who are in urgent need of money 24/7 through Halkbank official website, Retail Internet Branch, Halkbank Mobile Branch and the Dialog app. Application results are usually shared with the client on the same day. You can check the results of your application at any time through Halkbank Personal Internet Branch and Mobile Branch. If your application is approved, you can use your loan through Halkbank Personal Internet Branch, Mobile Branch and Dialog without having to visit bank branches.


In order to benefit from the fast loan campaign offered by Halkbank, it is of great importance that you fulfill certain conditions. It should be remembered that the bank gives priority to citizens with a high credit rating and not on the blacklist. Generally, citizens who have difficulty paying their loans or credit card debts with other banks or who are executives receive a negative response. It would be a good idea for retired citizens to transfer their pensions to Halkbank in order to receive a positive response from the bank. Banks are increasingly trusting their salaried customers and granting credit approval. In addition, citizens who are in secure employment and who have a regular income can obtain loans more easily than other citizens. Even if your income is not high, if you apply for a low castle loan amount, your application will be more likely to be approved.

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