Ziraat Bankası Düşük Faizli Kredi Sürprizi Yaptı! Bireysel Olan Vatandaşlar Dikkat Etsin

In this campaign, which will be launched for individuals, consumer loans will be made available to people in need of cash by carrying out transactions up to a maturity of 36 months.

Campaign launched by headquarters

Following the announcement of this high-quality campaign initiated by the General Management of Ziraat Bank, those applying on weekdays will be able to obtain consumer loans easily, quickly and securely without any documents required for loans up to 50000 Turkish liras. After the announcement made on the official website of Ziraat Bank, the conditions were clearly announced for the citizens who want to avail the loans while applying. Citizens who transact after the announcement made on the official website of Ziraat Bank will be able to get results in 5 minutes for these loans, which they will receive with a maturity of 36 months.

You can apply through the Ziraat Bank website

By logging into the official website of Ziraat Bank, you can complete the consumer loan application form here and apply for a consumer loan. By participating in Ziraat Bank’s consumer lending campaign, quick results are provided to citizens who want to transact. In case you need cash, you can make your transactions quickly without going to bank branches. In this cash campaign, where you can know the result of the loan in 5 minutes, citizens who use online banking applications can also use loans by making transactions quickly. After the announcement on the official website of Ziraat Bank, people who want to apply for a loan receive the results within 5 minutes. Ziraat Bank, if you want to apply for a consumer loan, citizens who meet the banking conditions can obtain a 36-month loan.

Ziraat Bank pays in cash with interest rates of 0.99

The latest news has reached people who will avail low interest loans by approaching banks. In case of need for cash, those who wish to obtain a loan are granted a loan with immediate repayment. If you want to obtain a loan with an interest of 0.99, you must comply with the banking conditions. In this way, you will be able to participate in this cash campaign carried out by Ziraat Bank and you will have used a loan at 0.99 interest. Ziraat Bank has also posted important terms for the 0.99 loan on its official website.

Conditions of application announced

Those who wish to apply will receive payment immediately. In these loans, which will be given to people who will get cash loans, with appropriate interest, you must have already received a loan from the bank. In this way, creditors will be deferred for 3 months and payments will be made to accounts immediately. The bank will give the result of the loan within 5 minutes to the applicants. Those who wish to apply, if they wish to obtain a loan on the same day, will be able to obtain a loan from the bank with a maturity of 36 months using Internet banking services. If you want to use a consumer loan, customers who have already received a loan from the bank and received a salary will be able to receive cash up to 10,000 TL with an interest of 0.99.

How are applications made?

Applications can be made easily, quickly and securely not only through bank branches, but also on the bank’s official website. All people who will transact by filling the loan application form on the official website of the bank will easily get the loan on the same day with suitable interest rates. People with a suitable credit score will also use these 3 month deferred loans at higher limits. People who obtain a loan in this way will apply for a deferred loan of 3 months and will receive a loan according to their income.

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