Pınar Altuğ and Yağmur Atacan had one of the most discussed relationships in the magazine’s history. Their love began when they starred in a television series. They loved each other and didn’t care at all about the age difference. It was said in publicity, it was said that this relationship would not work, and even the age difference was propagated from one language to another. When they said they were going to break up, that they had children, it was written that they would be divorced for years, but they still loved each other. They closed their ears to gossip, and when it happened, they shouted their love for each other out loud.
The couple recently had a fun chat with actor Hakan Bilgin about their relationship. Pınar Altuğ said that he met his wife by chance: “It’s very strange that we met. We will play with Oktay Kaynarca in the series. We are a childhood sweetheart, our paths have diverged, we have children. We meet years later… An actor is chosen to represent Oktay’s son In fact, first Yağmur No, another actor was chosen, but because the role was too important, an actor more strong was searched. When I went to the meeting, I saw Yağmur, he is sitting there. He doesn’t care. I saw him in a TV show, I said that he does not play Not bad. Actually, Yağmur came to another meeting. He was downstairs with a friend. But they got it wrong. So we started acting in the same drama.

They have been the target of critical arrows for years, but Yağmur Atacan has always preferred to remain silent. Of course, years later he addressed this topic with humorous language: “I also don’t show my age. Pınar also looks young. In fact, she continues to get younger. We are changing places gradually. “
Altug, on the other hand, explained the situation in a more emotional way. “They talked to each other a lot. We didn’t care. The cameras were chasing us. They stayed outside our door for months. The man in my life might have been different if it hadn’t been for Yağmur. other people said it came out of one ear and the other. I was brought up with my own truth,” Altug said. He said Atacan found a way: “He threw the papers out of the house. He turned off the phones, didn’t turn on the TV, we were very happy at home.”


Altuğ and Atacan have such a fun relationship… Atacan, in particular, is so mischievous that he sometimes makes jokes that get his wife in trouble. The duo met one of them during a plane trip. Altuğ does not like to travel by car as the car has held him back since childhood. That’s why he prefers to go everywhere by plane. Atacan is one of those who like to travel by car. A few years ago, Atacan bought a business class ticket for his wife to go to Bodrum. Later, Atacan also wants to accompany his wife, but they cannot find a ticket. On the last day, space is freed up on the plane… Here, the duo tells this funny story, having fun like that day. Altuğ says: “Rain bought me a business ticket so that I could relax. We couldn’t find a seat for him because the plane was full. Then a seat was opened from the economy We bought it straight away. Usually we fly economy class, but this time it was like that. We were separated on the plane.”

He explains why each passing couple sits apart. In fact, some couldn’t stand it and asked Atacan, “Why are you here with your wife in front?” he asks. The mischievous actress describes the day as follows: “Everyone who sees us passes us talking. ‘Everyone with us flies according to their own budget. My income level is clear with Pınar. I buy my ticket myself.’ I say. People’s faces have changed. I keep playing behind the back. I say “it makes me fly in business too. Everyone blames Pınar.”
Altug, on the other hand, is unaware of what is going on. He laughs at what happened: “People’s faces have changed. Passers-by look at me and squeal. The rain does not stop, it continues to play. The rain continues. In the meantime, he opens the curtain and says ‘I’ I’m so hungry, can you give me a glass of orange juice? He says. They laugh because I tell the people next to me. But I can’t explain how Yağmur plays the victim… He humiliated me on the plane.


The couple enjoy spending time together in nature, meeting their friends and having fun. Well, of course, there are little jealousies in this relationship. Altuğ looks back on the day they were lovers and recounts the memory they had during those moments of meeting: “Yağmur’s school has a reunion of former students. They met at the club. The orchestra with which he was playing is on stage. They invited Yağmur. I had never watched Yağmur. He was playing drums for the first time. I watched. As everyone was clapping, I was very impressed. watching the guy who was playing drums, so I watched.”


What made their love strong and allowed them to stand up despite so much criticism? Yağmur Atacan summed up the topic by saying, “We didn’t do anything to upset others. At some point, everyone even did it for publicity purposes. They talked a lot about Pınar.” On the other hand, Altuğ said, “We loved each other. We decided to spend some time together. Then work came to marriage. It was time for me to have children. Yağmur said, ‘Now, you must have a child,’ we got married, Su was born. They said they were going to break up with us, but we didn’t break up. People were talking and making noise. but we were us in our own lantern. I like the man as he is, what should we do when he’s younger?”

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