July 24, 2022 These comments were written by astrologer Özlem Recep. On Sunday July 24, under the Boa sign, new career surprises await the daughter sign.

CO: The responsibility for your children may increase and you may have to deal more with your family members. For those who wish to change their place of residence, the transactions of buying and selling houses can accelerate. If there is a long-awaited legacy, they may have entered the resolution process. If he is carrying out an important project in his life, he may be mentioned by name and entered into a process where a promotion will take place. Other than that, if there are extra pounds, let them know where to go. You need to focus on your mind and the person you love, not other people and what they are saying.

BOA: White is coming. The boas’ energy has increased dramatically for some time, and they also radiate a process which they find energizing despite a lot of tense energies. The last day of the week will increase your energy. There is a problem that should be considered that there may be fluctuations between the old and the new unit. Be very careful not to break anyone’s heart, not to take your heart. Mutual business deals and money-making schemes are on your doorstep. Those preparing for marriage can hasten their preparations if they do not listen to the words of others.

DAUGHTER: You are at the beginning of an important process in your professional life. You are about to sign projects that will have an impact. Many projects that have not been clarified for a long time will support you with this Full Moon. You will earn money. Those who want to buy a house can make purchases and sales with the news that you will receive these days, as well as the financial increase problems that have developed this month. You can have surprise pregnancies, be careful. You can open your heart to togetherness where you can build a home for those who are alone in the flow. The sky is clear for you.

SISTER IN LAW: You are in an important process where your appearance will change. You can have your long-neglected beauty treatments and change your style. A good time cycle awaits you, where the projects of those who want to move, settle in a distant city, or start a business will be supported. You should pay attention to the problems your loved ones may be facing in your marriage or partnership. You are entering a difficult but beautiful period during which you will be linked to education and training projects.

LION: You are in a lucky period. It can be with you for a time when you will spend more time with each other as a whole and you will be stuck in your shell. Those who are alone can come to your door today and the light that can come to them can come from their surroundings at the back. During this time, you may want to live with a little secret cover. Those who do not promise white according to their card should pay attention only to flour. Feeling helpless and melancholic with running wounds can happen with Leos. Your monetary energy increases. The steps you will take these days could increase your financial income at the end of July.

BAK: You may feel lethargic today. You should pay more attention to salnza than ever before. This is the perfect time to change the decoration of your home, to get rid of old clothes and furniture. You are about to enter a good time loop where you will show yourself career and business opportunities. Those who want to buy and sell a house are about to enter a time loop. The news you receive from the person you love today will make you very happy, good luck.

LADDER: You are in an important process where the imbalances in your life are beginning to calm down. u A new period will be with you during which you will reflect on the business issues that you have been raising for 2.5 years. Those who want to meet the new home can seek recognition today and face the gaps in the home they will pass through. The basic signs of Libra will give news of pregnancy. On the other hand, you are about to put your tongue on the subjects you have been talking about for a long time. You will laugh when you realize what is hidden behind the invisible.

SCORPIO: You may find it difficult to manage the health problems of the elders in your family. If you are alone while going through a process where you feel sorry, a unit that can make you happy can come to your door. If you are married, you may be tired of the problems between your family and your spouse. As a result of the events you have experienced, you will be able to make separate decisions as early as next year, but be careful. If you are in an important process related to court, child support and business agreements, heaven has your back.

THE ARROW: Those who are in the marriage process are in a process that will increase their preparations. If you’re a Sagittarius and want to know, you can find a home that suits your heart today and begin the recognition process. Long, short trips with your loved one can be on your agenda. You need time to financially develop a lot of things in your dream, but many problems will be solved, don’t worry, you need to be careful not to get into debt. Your loved ones may have health issues or you may have possible surgeries. You should be careful with salt.

OLAK: Many issues that have long been vague among your siblings, relatives and close friends are about to be revealed. The energies that you will face with possible setbacks and troubles will be with you. Problems that may arise may be due to some part of inheritance. If you have an important project, you might want to explain it today. If you want to study, make a name for yourself with your university and your projects, you are clearly in a time loop. If you have an existing contract, you may make a new contract when it expires and receive a new job offer or promotion in the upcoming period. The sky is very suitable for researching buying a house, buying and selling a car. Those who are alone can open their doors to those who can go from friendship to flow.

AQUARIUS: You are about to enter a happy period. You were very tense last month, you may have expressed yourself badly, you may have caused possible disappointments. Now is the time to wrap up a lot of the issues you’ve worked through and resolved about the stream. If you are alone, he can take your door open today. If you are married, you can plan a baby. You must be ready for a big rise in your career. You can have both career and money gains. Those who want to own a small loan team and a house can make profitable investments.

FISH: The health problems of elders in the family and many people around you can wear you down. You will be in the process of healing your swing, but you still shouldn’t push yourself too hard. Those who are pregnant or taking care of a baby should feel a little wetter. Good times to change your diet and diet. Those who are having difficulty in their marriage can decide to continue today. Don’t let some of those who live apart get upset, maybe next month will have a new door.

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