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10 cheapest cars in Turkey
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Citizens, who cannot buy a new vehicle due to high taxes, find it difficult even to obtain a used vehicle. While used car prices were also soaring, prices were even seen to be close to new vehicles.

Car owners, of course, given the economic dimension of the business, are looking for the cheapest vehicle. Based on the latest data on this subject, considering the characteristics of the cars, the 10 cheapest car brands and models offered for sale in Turkey have also been compiled.

The cheapest car brands are:

Hyundai i10

Coming as the cheapest car, it is a widely sold and often preferred vehicle in our country. As can be understood from the title of the article, the make of the vehicle is Hyundai. The car is a South Korean company. The brand’s i10 series, which offers its vehicles for sale with different series, is among the most affordable vehicles in our country. The car has an extremely compact design. The gripping capacity of the vehicle is high. It is a vehicle that can be easily taken on long journeys. It is an extremely dynamic tool for crowded cities. It has a fuel consumption of 4.9 liters per 100 km. Its interior is vast. Turnover starts from 322,350 TL for now. There are different color options. It runs on gasoline. The cheapest model of the 67 hp type is a manual gearbox. It has 5 doors.

Dacia Sandero

In the list of the cheapest cars, it is not possible to miss the Dacia brand, which is generally inexpensive. Many models are extremely inexpensive. The Dacia car belongs to Romania. The current sale price of the Sandero model in our country at the moment starts from 365.900 TL. The car has an ergonomic interior use area, as users know very well. It is an ideal city vehicle for families. It has a non-classic but extremely elegant and simple design. In our country, it is one of the most purchased vehicles by all. It runs on gasoline. There are different color options. It burns 5.2 liters of gasoline per 100 km. It has a spur gear. It has 5 doors.

Kia Rio

Under this heading of our cheapest cars list, we will give you information about the Kia Rio. Although Kia is a South Korean brand, it later joined the Daimler Chrysler company. One of the very different models is the Rio model. It is a special vehicle with a long and wide front frame and a narrow rear frame, with a unique design. It also has different colors such as white and blue. All Rio model vehicles have an automatic transmission. It is a very rich vehicle in terms of internal equipment. Fuel consumption per 100 km is 5.9 liters. It runs on gasoline. It is an ideal type of car for crowded families and long-term trips, since the luggage volume is extremely large. The current selling price of the vehicle for now starts from 369,900 Turkish liras. It has 5 doors.

Fiat Egea Sedan

In fact, not much to say. It’s a Fiat. At the beginning of our article, we first talked about the Panda model. It is the brand’s second least expensive vehicle. As research conducted in our country shows, it is one of the best-selling vehicles. The price of the 1.4 Fire 95 HP petrol model of this car, which is the Sedan series of the Egea model, is currently 355,900 Turkish liras. It has superior driving power. Anyone can easily drive this car. Unlike other vehicles, it is a 4-door car. Since it only burns 5.3 liters of gasoline per 100 km and is a fuel-efficient vehicle, it is the favorite car of those who drive constantly. There is even one in red. The gear type is straight.

Kia Picanto

As you can see in our list of cheapest cars, it goes back and forth between Kia, Fiat, Hyundai, but this car is very unique, especially for small families, those who live alone, those who like comfort and want to have an extraordinary driving experience. The only thing that can be said about the design of the Kia Picanto is that it is a marvel of design. It is an extremely effective tool. All paths are possible. The current selling price of the Feel 1.0 gasoline consumption variant in our country is 385,900 Turkish liras. The Kia Picanto is frequently preferred in all seven regions because it can be operated easily at any time in the road conditions of our country. It has 5 doors. It has an automatic transmission. It burns 5.3 liters per 100 km. There are navy blue, white and red color options.

Fiat Egea HB

In our list of the cheapest cars, the ranking does not change by brand. Next comes the HB series of the Egea model from the Fiat brand. It is a series with a higher qualification than the sedan series. It would not be wrong or wrong to say that it is a superior series. It is one of the best among the mid-segment group vehicles. It has an extremely dynamic and modern appearance. It is literally a European vehicle. The interior of the vehicle is equipped with the latest technologies, making it an ideal vehicle for men and women who do not give up their technological passion along the way. In our country, the basic value of turnover for the gasoline fuel type Street 1.4 Fire95 hp starts from 400.900 Turkish lira for now. If it is necessary to mention other characteristics of the vehicle, the following information can be provided. There are white, silver, black and red color options. It has 5 doors. Fuel consumption per 100 km is 5.5 liters. There are fuel-type models, both gasoline and diesel. Luggage volume is smaller than others.

Fiat Panda

This is the Panda model, an easy-to-use and comfortable vehicle that has become a classic among the urban vehicles of the Fiat brand, an Italian brand. The Panda series, which is a very popular and favorite 1.2 litre, 69 HB petrol engine option in our country, with the special Urban package, is one of the cheapest cars sold in Turkey, with prices from 455.900 TL for the current 0 km in our country. The vehicle, with an extremely cute design, is also a 4*4 model, which is offered for sale in a much more affordable price range than its counterparts. It has 5 doors.

Seat Ibiza

Next on our list of cheapest cars is the Seat Ibiza, which is slightly taller than the others. This car is very often preferred in our country. It is a comfortable and practical vehicle with easy driving. The Seat brand is the Spanish automotive giant. Ibiza is one of the brand’s most ambitious models.

It can be used easily on all roads in all seasons. It is an extremely powerful model in terms of technology. It is also ideal for long journeys. The base value of the sale price of the vehicle in our country starts from 450,000 Turkish liras. It has 5 doors. It runs on gasoline. It has a medium sized trunk. It is semi-automatic. It burns 5.3 liters of gasoline per 100 km. There are different color options such as red, blue, white, silver.

Toyota Yaris

The Yaris model from Toyota brand is the vehicle that is on the 400,000 limit among 0 vehicles in our cheapest cars list, but it is an extremely reliable vehicle that is fully worth its price and can be used on all kinds roads in all weather conditions. Toyota is a Japanese brand. Japanese Kaizen philosophy and all other principles have been reflected on this vehicle, and it is a complete engineering marvel. In our country, there has been a very serious buyer from all walks of life for years. It has an extremely comfortable ride. The figure we tell you here is for the gasoline one. The price of the hybrid model is a little higher, but the hybrid model is an environment-friendly vehicle. This vehicle has 5 doors. Despite its small trunk volume, it consumes only 4.7 liters of gasoline per 100 km. It has an automatic transmission. There are color options such as white, beige red.


Before completing our list of the cheapest cars, of course, one should not mention the Clio model, as noted above, which is the most loved and preferred in our country. Let’s start with the price this time. The price of this vehicle starts from the base price of 390,000 Turkish liras for now. It has 5 doors. All models run on gasoline. It has a medium capacity luggage volume. It is a gasoline vehicle. The gear type is straight. It is an ideal vehicle for Turkish roads. It can be used easily on any road. One of the greatest features of the vehicle is its extremely low fuel consumption. It only burns 4.3 liters of gasoline per 100 km. Based on all of this, it is a frequently preferred tool. It is also ideal for those who do not want an extraordinary car, because its design is extremely unique. It is a vehicle with different color options like white, gray, silver.

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