As we prepare to say goodbye to Amazon Prime Day discounts, we’ve compiled 10 tech products that are getting a special discount for you today. Let’s go back to the products that are very difficult to find at this price.

Prime Day, the annual discount festival organized by Amazon and offering unmissable discounts, is unfortunately about to end its last day today. We can also buy on Amazon, The last day of Prime Day discounts, and technology products that appeal to all areas of life, in this list.

The products we have selected in this list are heavily discounted products and you will probably never see them again at this price. Our list includes a wide range of products, ranging from gaming gear to affordable smartphones. Bride, unmissable accommodation discounts Let’s take a look at technology products. The only requirement to qualify for the discounts is to be an Amazon Prime member.

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Technological products that you will hardly find at this price:

For those who say “I’m a gamer, they need a gaming computer”: Monster Abra A5 laptop

monster abra a5

  • Old price: 15.199 TL
  • New price: 14,743 TL

If you want to play games relatively comfortably these days, you can check out this member of Monster’s popular Abra A5 series. The computer offers ideal performance for today with its GTX 1650 graphics card, 500 GB M.2 SSD, 144 Hz display and i5 11400H processor.

For those who say “I’m not into performance”: Acer Aspire A3 laptop


  • Old price: 5.282 TL
  • New price: 4.499 TL

If you are not concerned with graphics or processing power, if you only use the computer for daily work, you can take a look at the Aspider 3 A315-56 from Acer.

For those who want a relatively large fast monitor: MSI Optix G27 CQ4 monitor

msi optix

  • Old price: 4.399 TL
  • New price: 3,799 TL

If you are looking for a nice screen for your computer, you can choose this model from MSI, which has a 600 TL discount and is very popular. The monitor offers 2K resolution, 165Hz screen refresh rate and 1ms delay.

For those who are tired of back pain in front of the computer: MSI MAG CH120 gaming chair


  • Old price: 4.694 TL
  • New price: 3.832 TL

Although they are very expensive, if your back hurts, upgrading to a higher level sitting chair will be the most important thing for your health. If you have decided to prefer chairs produced for gamers as a sitting seat, you can take a look at this model.

For those who want to make a significant change to their computer: MSI Radeon RX 6600 graphics card


  • Old price: 8.240 TL
  • New price: 5.999 TL

One of AMD’s popular graphics cards, the RX 6600 graphics card, has turned into an inevitable opportunity with a crazy discount. The graphics card now allows you to play many games in ultra graphics. The graphics card is considered to be a competitor to NVIDIA’s RTX 3060 graphics card.

For those looking for on-ear headphones at an affordable price: the Sennheiser HD 300 headphones

high definition 300

  • Old price: 789 TL
  • New price: 549 TL

If you are looking for on-ear headphones and your budget is limited, you can choose the HD 300 headphones from Sennheiser. Of course, the headset does not offer high-level sound quality according to its price list and is used with a cable.

For those who know no boundaries in in-ear headphones: Sony WH1000XM4 headphones


  • Old price: 4,754 TL
  • New price: 4.199 TL

But if sound is important to you and you’re looking for high-end over-ear headphones, you can take a look at Sony’s WH1000XM4, which won’t surprise anyone.

Excellent opportunity for those who prefer earphones: the Bose Sport earphones


  • Old price: 3.989 TL
  • New price: 2,799 TL

If you want to get high-end headphones but not earbuds, you shouldn’t miss this model from Bose, which has made a name for itself in the premium segment.

For those looking for an affordable phone: General Mobile GM21 Plus New Edition

gm21 more

  • Old price: 2,769 TL
  • New price: 2,549 TL

If you need a new phone these days when smartphone prices are skyrocketing, you can take a look at General Mobile’s GM21 Plus.

For those who have a scanner, printer and copier job: Canon Pixma E3440 Printer


  • Old price: 1.053 TL
  • New price: 862 TL

If you need a printer, scanner and copier at the same time or want to have them all in one place, you can choose this model from Canon.

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