Internet usage research results and usage patterns for the month of July have been announced. Internet usage is increasing day by day. This situation also changes traditional habits.

The Internet has become an integral part of our lives. Today, we use the Internet for entertainment and work. A new study reveals that the digital world its global prevalence revealed. Let’s see together the details of this research.

Research conducted in collaboration with We Are Social and Hootsuite, as of July 2022. 5.34 billion people The smartphone revealed that 5.03 billion people use the internet. The number of active social media users was recorded at 4.7 billion. According to the United Nations, the world population has reached 7.98 billion. When we look at the data announced on an annual basis, we see that the rate of smartphone users is 1.8% and the rate of Internet users is 1.8%. 3.7% We are seeing an increase.

Smartphones are the number one choice for the internet

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Research shows it’s the number one choice for accessing the Internet. smart phones revealed that. In this context; 59.72% of Internet-connected devices are smartphones, 37.98% the computer, 2.27 percent were tablets. The position of other products such as game consoles and televisions in the Internet world was announced at 0.03%.

The Internet has become the source of information for the new world

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Research shared by We Are Social and Hootsuite news sources turned out to be. because people 82 percent A significant portion of them use the Internet for information. The rate of those who use television is 61%, but the rate of those who follow the news on social networks is 57 percent was recorded as. However, the point that attracts attention here is the printed newspapers and magazines. Only 23% of us now use print media for information.

Smartphones are also used to watch news online.

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Research has revealed that smartphones are the most used to search for information on the internet. Because the percentage of people who use smartphones while watching news on the Internet 72 percentthe rate of computer users is 42% and the rate of tablet users is 16%. Considering that the use of smartphones is greater than that of computers surprising not we can specify.

Facebook is mainly used for news tracking.

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According to the data announced, the place where the news is most frequently followed is 44%. Facebook. This platform is used by YouTube with 30%, WhatsApp with 22% and WhatsApp with 17%. instagram, Twitter with 13%, Facebook Messenger with 11% and TikTok with 7%. Telegram, Likedln, Snapchat, Line and Viber are also some of the platforms used for news.

Even though we follow the news online, we have a trust issue.

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According to research, the news we follow on the internet we don’t have too much confidence. In this context; The average of those who believe the news they read online is 42%, less than half. In Turkey, we are also below average. The rate of those who trust news on the internet 36 percent recorded as…

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