Telefon Elektrik Su Faturası Ödeyen Herkesi İlgilendiriyor! 100 TL Ödenecek! Temmuz Ayının Sonunda Bitecek

Automatic bill payments are made with the instructions given through the Internet branches of banks. It has been announced that those who give automatic bill payment orders will be paid. In this context, bill payments of up to 100 TL can be received.

You can join the campaign by sending an SMS

To start benefiting from the campaign, simply click on the JOIN THE CAMPAIGN button until July 31, 2022 or write to FATURAC and send an SMS to 4566. Your participation in the campaign is assured after the short message reaches the Akbank system and that Akbank informs you that you have registered. The reward amount you will earn from the campaign will be loaded to your card in the form of tokens on August 2, 2022. The reward is only valid for new orders you place. You will not be eligible for the campaign if you cancel and resubmit your automatic bill payment instructions set on your credit card, or cancel your bill payment instructions set on your bank account and resubmit them on your credit card .

Great discount opportunity for those who buy from Akbank

Flash statement for Akbank customers! Anyone who is at least 18 years old will be able to use the affordable market campaign as an FAV member. It has been announced that Akbank’s FAV is offering young people between the ages of 18 and 26, and they will be able to get discounts on their rides until July 31. With Akbank FAV, you will be able to earn 20 TL discount on your first purchase of 100 TL or more at CarrefourSA. You must be at least 18 and at most 26 to qualify for the discount. In line with the campaign, which started on July 7 and will end on July 31, a 20 TL discount will be offered on your first purchase of 100 TL or more at CarrefourSA and stores. In order to benefit from the campaign, the transaction must be made via the Axess member merchant point of sale.

Full campaign details

Only students between the ages of 18 and 26, who are included in Akbank FAV and meet the necessary criteria, can benefit from the campaign. In order to benefit from the campaign by being included in Akbank FAV, it is necessary to participate in the program via Akbank Mobile. Individual Axess, Wings, and Free maps are included in the campaign. Akbank Card, Commercial Cards and Bank’O Card Axess are not included in the campaign. Additional maps are as part of the campaign. A customer will be able to benefit from the campaign once and can get a maximum discount of 20 TL. The discount will be reflected on the first credit card statement. Cash withdrawals, EFT/transfer, fund buying/selling, BES transactions, instant/automatic bills, SGK payments/taxes and purchases made with chip money are not included in countryside. Akbank TAŞ. reserves the right to stop the campaign and make changes to the campaign conditions.

Akbank emergency loan

An emergency cash loan surprise came from Akbank to citizens who had money problems. The bank, which plans to provide cash loans with interest rates of 0.55%, started accepting loan applications with the announcement it made. He said that the bank will provide consumer loans with an interest rate of 0.55 to citizens who wish to apply for a consumer loan, if they meet the loan conditions it has determined. Citizens applying for consumer loans will be able to apply for them easily and quickly. The bank offers consumer loans with an interest rate of 0.55% only to citizens who have an account. If a loan or credit card has been taken out with this bank in the past, they will be able to apply for a consumer loan. Loan maturity options to be obtained through the bank are set at 36 months and a consumer loan of at least 10,000 lira is offered.

How to apply for the campaign?

Citizens who wish to participate in the bank’s consumer loan campaign can also access the help of the bank’s application, if approval is obtained for a loan of 10,000 lira with an interest rate 0.55% for the consumer loan put into practice by Akbank. In order to apply for a consumer loan above 10,000 lira, they can avail the emergency cash loan opportunity up to 100,000 lira at any time using the bank application.

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