IBAN Numarasını Yazan Kişilere Ödemeler Başladı! Ay Sonuna Kadar Devam Edecek Ödeme Tutarı: 33.000 TL Olarak Açıklandı

In these campaigns launched for citizens who want to transact using consumer loans up to 33,000 TL, those who will use 36 month loans will get results in 5 minutes and immediate loan opportunity will be offered. You will be able to apply via your IBAN number and use the loan after the application to be made via your TR ID number.

In this loan campaign made by banks, all citizens who will use consumer loans are given information about the amount of loan approval they have received and interest rates after inquiries to be made via their TR ID numbers after applications have been filed. If you need cash, eligible citizens can apply through Akbank Yapı Kredi Bank and Finansbank.


Citizens who will apply for consumer loan through QNB FinansBank can apply for consumer loan campaign up to 33000 TL, if their bank credit score is 1100 and above, by texting their mobile phone. QNB Finansbank, if you want to apply for a loan by SMS, send your TR ID number to 50 30, you can apply for a loan quickly and if you participate in the approved loan campaign, you will receive the loan approval amount that we received with a term of 36 months. If you have received a loan authorization, you can also carry out your transactions without going to bank branches and deposit your loan in your account via the internet banking application via the mobile application.


Citizens who wish to participate in the 33000 TL loan campaign through Yapı Kredi Bank can log in to the bank’s website and fill in the loan application form here or see the approved credit benefit immediately and deposit it to their account in the same day. If you want to apply for a consumer loan by SMS, write to this person, leave a space, type your TR ID number, leave a space and write your monthly income and send this message to 44 11, you will have applied loan.


By participating in the Akbank Consumer Loan campaign, citizens who wish to make their transactions can offer Akbank Direkt, the bank’s mobile application. Akbank customer citizens can join the Akbank Direkt application and participate in the 33000 TL consumer loan campaign with a duration of 36 months. Akbank which is always with the citizens in need of money learns the result of the loan within 5 minutes with this loan campaign. People who will use the credit when making their applications can also request a loan from the bank by sending an SMS to their mobile phone. If you want to apply for a consumer loan by sms, type a loan, leave a space and send the message to 44 25 typing your TR ID number. Citizens who receive loan approval after this application must be made through Akbank will go to the nearest bank branch and say they have loan approval via SMS along with their IDs . The individual customer representative will quickly verify your loan approval via SMS via your identity and allow you to deposit the approved amount into your account within the same day.

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