According to Necla Dalan of Dünya, 361 Degrees is a Chinese sports retail giant… Founded in 2003; It produces all groups of textile products, from active sports to everyday wear, from basketball shoes to running shoes for babies, children and adults. The company, which is particularly strong in sports shoes, is a global supplier of sports equipment… It produces sports shoes for all the global brands we know. The company has consolidated sales of over $10 billion and operates in China and more than 30 countries with its 12,000 stores. Having reached an agreement with NBA players Aaron Gordon and Spencer Dinwiddie, the company produces special collections and presents them to basketball enthusiasts. 361 Degrees has recently focused on the Russian market. Because it plans to fill the market emptied by giant global competitors such as Nike and Adidas. It looks like competition from Chinese and Turkish companies will intensify in the war-emptied Russian market.

361 Degrees’ non-Chinese operations are managed from Amsterdam. The management of non-Chinese operations is entrusted to a Turk, Saygın Emeksiz. Emeksiz, who is a director of major retail brands such as Penti, Mudo, Colin’s, Puma and Lotto, attracted attention with his experience in Colin’s foreign operations and received an offer from the Chinese company in 2020, when the pandemic was the most intense. “I am the director of a Chinese company with a Turkish passport. I have been abroad for 20 years for work. This job is a bit of a work of acquiring the environment and getting to know people. Over the years I got to know a lot of people, headhunters got involved, and at the end of 2020 I found myself interviewing a Chinese company. I have already had contact with China for 5-6 years. Our business meetings coincided with the pandemic period and we did most of them on zoom. I started my job at the end of 2020. Our company has a Chinese and non-Chinese structure. All foreign organizations outside of China are managed from Hong Kong. Our management office is in Amsterdam and I work from there,” he says.

He wants to destroy the perception of Chinese products in Europe

I met Saygın Emeksiz, the Managing Director of 361 Degrees International Ltd., through a message he sent for one of my columns. When I learned of his story and his plans, I thought I absolutely had to write it. Saying that they meet their customers on all continents, Saygın Emeksiz says that 8,000 of the 12,000 stores serve China. He notes that they have around 600 outlets in Europe and adds, “We operate in almost 30 countries around the world, outside of China. We have a premium racing collection for Europe. We care about the European market and it is very important for us to break the perception of Chinese products in Europe”.

Emeksiz added that the majority of 361 Degrees’ revenue, which is over $10 billion, comes from its manufacturing operations and said, “Our company is the largest technology shoemaker in the world. . We manufacture for all the major brands you know.

He started meeting a very large group in Turkey.

I ask Saygın Emeksiz if the Chinese giant has plans for Turkey. He stresses that Turkey has an important place in his 5-year plans and continues: “After I took office, we made 3, 5 and 10-year plans. There is also Turkey in our 5-year plan. We are dealing with a very big chain in Turkey. We did preliminary interviews for the license. We will share our technology with them. They will produce for us in Turkey. Thus, we will be advantageous in terms of costs and taxes. We will do the production together. The pieces will be huge. According to our plans, there are millions of pieces per year. It will be a great opportunity for us to manufacture in Turkey. Because the prices have risen a lot and will rise again. Not everyone will be able to buy Puma, Nike, Adidas anymore. There is a similar problem not only in Turkey but also in the world. That’s why production in Turkey is very important for us… Turkey can anyway become a good and attractive center for shoe production.

We produce textile products for Europe in Turkey, the manufacturer has followed suit.

Saygın Emeksiz explains that they have textile products made in Turkey for the European market. The disruption of the supply chain around the world has had a significant impact on the transfer of production to Turkey. Emeksiz said, “Although it is more expensive than China, we have it made in Turkey because it is cheaper in terms of logistics. We can put the products we produce in Turkey on the shelves in 30 days. The costs are too high. We recently received 14 containers of goods from China, we paid 17,000 euros for each container. Before the pandemic, this figure was around 2,000 to 2,500. Moreover, it takes 45 days for the products to arrive from China,” he says, and conveys the development of production in Turkey as follows:

“We have just started producing textile products in Turkey. Due to fluctuating exchange rates, manufacturers charge 13 euros for a 10 euro product. Because no one knows what will happen. Manufacturers do not accept forward contracts either, business has completely taken over.


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