We are very used to seeing celebrity love life news in tabloids or tabloids. Still, it’s quite unusual for one of the world’s leading business and financial newspapers to make the headlines of such news.

Consequently, the news of the Elon Musk-Sergey Brin tension, published by the Wall Street Journal today, made a strong impression.

According to sources familiar with the matter who spoke to the newspaper, Musk had a short-term relationship with the wife of Brin, one of the founders of Google, in the fall of last year. Hearing of this, Brin filed for divorce from his wife, Nicole Shanahan, and ended his friendship with Musk.

The friendship of Musk and Brin, who is one of the most well-known entrepreneurs not only in the United States but also in the world, goes back 20 years. In a previous statement, Musk said he’s occasionally stayed as a guest at Brin’s in Silicon Valley over the years. In fact, fellow Google founder Larry Page told Vice reporter Ashlee Vance in 2015 that the three of them had “the weirdest friendship in the world” and met frequently.


During the 2008 economic crisis, Brin gave Musk around $500,000 to save Tesla from trouble. Musk also gifted Brin with one of Tesla’s first all-electric sports car examples in 2015.

Musk, who still holds the title of the richest person in the world, has an estimated wealth of $240 billion according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Brin ranks 8th on the same list with $95 billion.


Sources close to the subject say that tensions between the two billionaires and their teams have risen in recent months. Apparently, Brin told financial advisers to sell Musk’s personal investments in their business. The size of these investments or whether any sales were made could not be known.

Brin claimed a “serious incompatibility” between them as the reason for the divorce case she filed against Shanahan in January 2022. People familiar with the matter said Brin filed the lawsuit a few weeks after learning of the relationship at short term between Musk and Shanahan.

Misleading claim that ended a quarter-century friendship Why cold winds are blowing between Elon Musk and Sergey Brinin

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A source from Shanahan’s inner circle said that in early December when the relationship took place, Brin and his wife separated but still live in the same house. In the motion filed by Brin, it is specified that the date of separation of the couple is December 15, 2021.

The Wall Street Journal wrote that neither Brin, Musk, nor Shanahan’s representatives responded to requests for comment.

However, around 11 hours after the news broke, Musk wrote on Twitter, “This is total bullshit. Sergey and I are friends and we were at a party together last night.” Adding to his remarks that he has only seen Shanahan twice in the past three years, Musk said there were other people in those meetings and there was no romantic atmosphere. .


Elon Musk, referring to a spate of negative news about himself and his business recently, said: “Character assassination attacks have reached a new level this year, but all the news is empty. I work very hard. long hours, so I don’t have time for such tricks.” Criticizing the Wall Street Journal, Musk said: “They supposedly have high journalistic standards, but they’re like a tabloid right now. The WSJ should be doing solid factual news that really matters to its readers, not gossip. third.” Musk, who we know for his extremely outspoken style on Twitter, responded to a follower’s tweet of ‘I’m glad to hear that, don’t be a liar’, ‘Ah ah…I didn’t get of sex in such a long time”.


“I hope Sergey and I can move forward for the sake of our child without losing our dignity, integrity and harmony,” Shanahan told the Puck news site earlier this month about Brin’s divorce case. We’re both working on it.”

Musk, on the other hand, has often been on the agenda in his private life over the past two months. It was also revealed that Musk, who was accused of stripping naked in front of a SpaceX flight attendant (and has denied that accusation), has twins from an executive at Neuralink, which he founded last year. last. The news that one of his 10 children had rejected Musk was also on the agenda.

By contrast, Musk, who backed out of buying Twitter and was sued by investors, will appear in court in October.



Brin and Shanahan met at a yoga camp in Wanderlust about 7 years ago and got married about four years ago. Prior to Shanahan, Brin was married to Anne Wojcicki, co-founder of genetics company 23andMe, and Shanajan was married to a financial company executive. Brin and Wojcicki have two children.

The couple are also said to be in trouble due to the pandemic closures in the fall of 2021 and caring for their 3-year-old daughter.

According to sources, Musk and Shanahan’s relationship took place during the Art Basel event in Miami in December 2021.

Art Basel, held annually, is a multi-day festival attended by wealthy people from all over the world.

The allegation of deception that ended a quarter century of friendship!  Why are cold winds blowing between Elon Musk and Sergey Brinin?

Art Basel, held annually, is a multi-day festival attended by wealthy people from all over the world.

Earlier this year, Musk and Brin met at a party. Musk knelt in front of Brin and apologized for being with his wife, asking for forgiveness.


Brin accepted the apology, but the two don’t see each other as often as they used to.

The alleged relationship took place after Musk broke up with his girlfriend, singer Grimes, who he was resentful of in September. Grimes, real name Claire Boucher, and Musk’s second child were born in December 2021 via surrogate.

Musk’s twins with aforementioned Neuralink executive Shivon Zilis were also born last fall.

Misleading claim that ended a quarter-century friendship Why cold winds are blowing between Elon Musk and Sergey Brinin

Grimes and musk


Brin and Shanahan are currently negotiating their divorce. Among the details mentioned by the sources, Shanahan wants more than $1 billion in child support from Brin. Sources say Brin found the amount Shanahan wanted way above the amount of the prenup agreement between them. On the other hand, Shanahan argues that Brin’s $95 billion fortune is compared to $1 billion. Shanahan also states that she signed the prenup while pregnant, under duress.

Shanahan is currently the director of a foundation advocating for reproductive equality. Brin, who co-founded Google with Larry Page in 1998, left Alphabet, Google’s apex company, in 2019 but is still a member of the board.

Brin is said to have devoted himself to the sport ever since, working to learn various Olympic branches at the same time.

Brin, who also runs a $4.4 billion family foundation, donates to areas such as education and research into Parkinson’s disease. Brin, who also backs an airship startup called LTA Research And Exploration, is also writing a physics textbook to teach in schools.

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