The detective series “Back Streets” by Kanal D, signed Erler Film, patron of veteran producer Türker İnanoğlu, nicknamed “Mr. Cinema”, is preparing for the filming of the new season. The series’ first episode, which aired on July 31, 2006, met audiences in the 632nd episode of the 16th season. Filming for season 17 will begin in mid-August. It was a question of curiosity who would play and who would leave in the new episodes.

According to the latest information, Zafer Ergin, Özgür Ozan, Ozan Çobanoğlu, Oya Okar and Oğuz Peşe will continue the project. Şevket Çoruh has not yet met Erler Film due to the filming of the movie “Dance with Jackals 6”. The situation of Çoruh, who recently took part in the filming on the island of Kos, is unclear.

The names leaving the project are Yiğitcan Ergin, who brought “Cemal” to life, Ela Yörüklü, who performed “Ezgi,” and Deniz Çatalbaş, who brought “Aslı” to life.

He became the main role of Hür

The filming of the digital series “Hür”, which tells the story of war pilots that ES Film prepared for TRT Digital, has started in Eskişehir. Ekin Pandır directs the series written by İlker Arslan and Barış Erdoğan. Deniz Çatalbaş, who left Arka Sokaklar, became the female lead of the series in which Hilmicem İntepe played the lead role. Çatalbaş will bring the role of “Nazlı” to life in the series. The series, with Zeynep Tuğçe Bayat and Taner Ertürks in the main cast, will consist of 10 episodes of 60 minutes each. Before writing the series, İlker Arslan and Barış Erdoğan received support from the Air Force and observed pilots’ life exercises. The “Free” series is produced by ES Film, inspired by the Top Gun legend’s return with Tom Cruise 36 years later.

New series by Alina Boz

We wondered which series Alina Boz, one of the stars of the young generation, would return to the screen after Maraşlı. Boz, who will be announced as the face of young talent when Disney Plus launches second in September, can only star in FOX’s series because of the deal he has in place. Alina Boz shook hands with Medyapım’s “Rich Girl” TV series, which will air on FOX in the new season.

The series was written by screenwriter Deniz Akçay, based on an idea by director Merve Girgin. Akçay will write the first 3 episodes of the series, as well as participate in the design and supervision of the project.

Among the actors mentioned for the series is Nazal Kesal, one of our award-winning actresses who adds great value to the projects she takes part in. In the series, Alina Boz gives life to a babysitter named “Zeynep”. Zeynep, who has a useless father who is passionate about horse racing, aspires for a rich life instead of a poor life that constantly crushes him, receives a large sum of money on his birthday and prepares for a big exam with This money. The series, whose subject is the scene of breathtaking events, deals with our country’s constantly emphasized distinction between rich and poor and the effort to progress in the classroom with impressive language.

Last minute change in Love Tactics 2

Filming has begun on the second film of Lanistar Media’s Netflix record-breaking “Love Tactics.” The film, which starred Demet Özdemir and Şükrü Özyıldız in the lead roles, was written by Pelin Karamehmetoğlu and was to be directed by Kıvanç Baruönü. Baruönü had started work weeks ago, but at the last moment things broke with the director and the film was given to Recai Karagöz, one of the most reliable directors since 03 Medya’s Istanbullu Gelin series. The first shoot of the weekend went pretty well.

The successful actress Demet Özdemir, who survived Covid last week, motivated the whole team with her great energy, as in every set. The story of the first in the highly anticipated film series was set in Istanbul and Cappadocia. This time, the second film will provide a visual flavor to the audience with sea and vacation scenes. The fascinating nature of Turunç and Göcek will also host “Love Tactics 2”. Besides Atakan Çelik, Hande Yılmaz and Deniz Baydar, Melisa Döngel, Ceyhun Mengiroğlu, Bora Akkaş, İpek Tuzcuoğlu, Kerem Atabeyoğlu and Ümit Erdim will also star in the film.

He writes both “Trap” and “Saint”

Action Canpolat, one of Turkey’s most successful screenwriters, will write two TV series this season. The first series is called Trap. Aytaç Çiçek will direct the series, which will air on TV8. The other series is Aziz by Murat Yıldırım… The director of the series, who decided to continue at the end of last season, also changed and it was decided that Nezaket Coşkun would direct the project. New characters will also be included in Aziz, whose director and screenwriter have changed. New cast members for the series will be announced in the coming days.

Emre Altuğ in “The Kingfisher”

Onur Güvenatam’s new TV series project “The Kingfisher”, which has signed a content deal with Star TV, will hit the set soon. Burcu Alptekin will direct the series whose casting has been completed. Emre Altuğ has joined the cast of the series, which will begin filming in Antep and continue in Istanbul. Altuğ will play the role of “Orhan” in the series. Orhan is the son of Halis Ağa (Çetin Tekindor) and the father of Ferit (Mert Ramazan Demir). Due to his son’s debauchery, he is constantly in a difficult situation against his father. Until Halis Ağa found a wife for Ferit in his home town of Antep… For the series, the actors took private lessons on the traditions, customs and behaviors of the Antep region. Gülçin Santırcıoğlu, one of the key characters in the series, brings İfakat, the widowed bride of the house, to life. The series, which has a very busy cast, is one of the most ambitious projects of the new season.

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