A famous actor burst into tears during his honeymoon: they paid tribute to ‘Love City’

They are the protagonists of a love story like no other in Hollywood. They waited 20 years to find each other. They got engaged and separated years ago, but in the time that has passed, the other people who have come into their lives have not been able to make them forget.


They finally got back together years later and this time got married without too much delay. Hollywood’s greatest lovers are currently honeymooning in Paris. Moreover, they are accompanied by some of their children born from their former marriages. In Paris, where they go as a couple as usual, neither the paparazzi nor the fans leave them alone.

You probably understood that we are talking about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who became known as Bennifer 2.0 after their reunion. After the surprise wedding, the couple took their honeymoon to Paris while everyone was waiting for their wedding. They are also joined by Violet, Ben Affleck’s 16-year-old daughter from his marriage to Jennifer Garner, and Seraphina, 13, and twins Emme, 14, from Jennifer Lopez’s marriage. to Marc Antoine. According to US press allegations, Ben Affleck, 49, and Jennifer Lopez, 53, will also marry after returning to their country. Also, this celebration will take place at the mansion they chose as their wedding venue when they got engaged years ago. But let’s put that aside and get back to the couple’s honeymoon in Paris.


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have literally been portrayed time and time again as young lovers this joyous holiday season. JLo and Affleck, who didn’t let go of each other’s hands for a moment, were seen strolling the streets, sitting on the benches and kissing. In other words, he did full justice to Paris, known as the “city of love”.

AFFLECK CREATED IN TEARS: Jennfier Lopez and Ben Affleck celebrated another happy occasion during their honeymoon. Lopez celebrated your birthday on July 24. During this celebratory dinner, the romance between the couple reached its peak. According to the allegations, Ben Affleck was so full of love and happiness that he couldn’t control his emotions and burst into tears.

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The Bennifers went to dinner at a restaurant with a view of the Eiffel Tower for JLo’s birthday. During this meal, which was eaten by candlelight, they literally displayed an image of happiness. At this time, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez also had romantic moments. In fact, at one point, Ben Affleck looked at his new wife and burst into tears. Jennifer Lopez also wiped away her tears by placing her hand on her cheek. Then she grabbed his head and pressed it to her chest, trying to calm his new bride. After Lopez calmed him down, Ben Affleck started smiling too.


While it’s unclear why Ben Affleck broke down in tears at that romantic celebratory dinner, according to multiple witnesses, the actor couldn’t contain himself as he succumbed to his romantic feelings for Lopez. Witnesses claimed that Affleck experienced such emotional outbursts during the couple’s wedding ceremony in Los Angeles.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck joined their lives in Las Vegas on July 17 in a ceremony attended only by their very close relatives. After the wedding, Lopez announced that they were married to Ben Affleck on both her website and her social media page. The ceremony took place in Las Vegas and was not symbolic like some other couples do. The couple had a marriage certificate. Moreover, Jennifer Lopez started using her husband’s last name right after the wedding.

Lopez said she married Ben Affleck in an email she sent to her fans from the On The JLo website, where she announced developments about him. She signed her post by writing her full official name, Jennifer Lynn Affleck.


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have reached their happy endings 20 years later. It was Lopez who admitted how difficult this situation was for her during the first period of separation. The famous star has repeated this several times in certain statements. Moreover, when he made this statement, years had passed since the separation. In a 2017 interview, Lopez shared her longing for Affleck and said, “Ours was true love. When the relationship ended, I felt like my heart had been ripped out.” Lopez also claimed that the two’s constant presence put pressure on their relationship and killed the romance between them. Ben Affleck started a new relationship with Jennifer Garner a few months after breaking up with Jennifer Lopez. The couple married in 2005 and divorced 10 years later. After this separation, Lopez rejoined her life with Marc Anthony and had twins from this marriage.

After all that, let’s come to the surprise wedding. Although it was a simple wedding with few guests, Lopez wore two different wedding dresses. Lopez, 52, first wore a wedding dress used in an old movie when she got married for the fourth time. Then she changed it with another wedding dress from Zuhair Murad. Meanwhile, it is among the allegations that the Bennifer couple will have a big wedding after a while.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck started dating in 2002. Then they got engaged right away. In fact, their plan was to get married in 2003. But that was not the case. They postponed the wedding and then separated. In other words, the couple ended exactly 20 years later.


Jennifer Lopez, 52, has been married three times to date. He had his first marriage with Ojani Noa between 1997 and 1998.

He was then married to Cris Judd from 2001 to 2003.

Her marriage to Marc Anthony lasted from 2004 to 2014. From this marriage were born 14-year-old twins Max and Emme, a girl and a boy.

Lopez has long been engaged to Alex Rodriguez. While everyone was waiting for them to get married, the first rumors of separation were heard. They later confirmed the news with a statement they made.


His children’s escapade with his nanny destroyed his marriage
Ben Affleck’s 10-year marriage to Jennifer Garner began to shake after allegations he was cheating on him with his children’s nanny. The couple wanted to give their union another chance for the sake of their three children, but it didn’t work out. Garner and Affleck are divorced. Afterwards, Affleck’s name was mentioned with different people in various short-lived relationships. Affleck and Garner have three children, Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 10. However, those three children weren’t enough to keep the couple, who married in 2005, together. They divorced in 2015.

Affleck was with actress Ana De Armas just before reuniting with Lopez years later. The couple, who everywhere showed romantic images holding hands, had to make serious decisions for the future. But they separated at the last moment.

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