Merve Bolugur: Stop talking like a man

The name of beautiful actress Merve Bolugur, whose marriage with singer Murat Dalkılıç lasted only three years and then could not find the happiness she sought in love for a long time, has been known for some time with the famous name of Turkish pop music, Emre Kaya.

Bolugur, who has been seen with Kaya for the past few months, responded to news about them and made the statement “There is no relationship, there is a job”. Although Bolugur talked about Kaya’s hit works and said they had worked with him on the music, he was not found to be very convincing by reporters.


After visiting Emre Kaya, who works day and night with his team for his arabesque album, in his studio, Merve Bolugur shared his very candid poses with the famous pop artist on his social media accounts. Photos of the beautiful actress, who looked energetic and happy while holding hands and having deep conversations, had those who saw her saying, “What is it but love?”

Merve Bolugur: Stop talking like a man

Emre Kaya, who is known to be a workaholic by those close to him, takes a break from the arabesque album and is always seen with Merve Bolugur when he visits theaters; While he kept quiet on this issue, it was confusing that the sympathetic actor shared otherwise. On the other hand, it was noticeable that Kaya didn’t share anything but her work and sports on her social media accounts.

The actor then went to a place to have fun. A new image of Boluğur, dancing with Emre Kaya, appeared in the video that Nilüfer shared while dancing to the song “Sen Mühimsin”.


The actress, who posted the images shared by a magazine page with the description of “Merve Bolugur and Emre Kaya’s love dance” on her social media account, which she actively uses, used the expressions ” I told you my friend…I’ll tell you when I’m in love”. Beautiful 34-year-old actress Merve Bolugur put an end to her “love” claims with this statement she made from her Instagram account, which has 3.7 million followers.

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Merve Bolugur, who made a name for herself with her Instagram posts rather than her acting career due to her long absence from screens, has been on the agenda with her romance with Erkan Şin recent months. .

However, Merve Bolugur, who thought she had finally found the happiness she was looking for, also saw separation in this relationship. The couple’s split was betrayed by Instagram.


Erkan Şen abandoned his lover Bolugur from his Instagram account and traveled to Cappadocia after the breakup. The name of the other side of the relationship, Merve Bolugur, was seen at night, and the reason for the couple’s separation was unclear.


The beautiful 34-year-old actress said “We are now friends with Erkan” when asked about her lover, Erkan Şen, who she broke up with.


The manager, Erkan Şen, responded to his ex-girlfriend by stating, “Such a situation is never even in question. We are not even friends with Merve anymore.”

Meanwhile, Merve Bolugur’s ex-girlfriend Erkan Şen made some interesting statements to Posta newspaper about his former relationship. Here is the part of the interview in the Posta newspaper:

Merve always wanted me to show her my strength. Every time he said, “Show me your strength,” I received another compliment from him and continued to show my strength. I liked it at first, but after every compliment I received, Merve wanted another show of strength. One day I took a long trip. When he called me at night, “Are you there? How did you get?” He repeated, “I want this and that, come on, show me your strength. Frankly, that was a breaking point for me, and then we went our separate ways. I don’t want to get too private. That’s why I wouldn’t say anything bad behind the back of a woman I broke up with. Above all Merve is a good person, a beautiful person, I hope she will be very happy. I wish him success in his future life.


Merve Bolugur, who started a new romance with arranger Mert Aydın, reacted harshly to the comment from her ex-lover, business manager Erkan Şen. The actor, “Why did you leave?” in the. To the question “Merve always wanted me to show her my strength. Every time she said ‘Show me your strength’, I received a new compliment from her”, she replied on Instagram.


Posting Şen’s picture on social media, Boluğur said, “You already did it. I respect everything that happened, but stop valuing me and talking like a man about something that happened. is over. I don’t need anyone’s power.” Affirming that she is not a greedy woman, the actress also said that “I have always listened to my feelings.”

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