Environment, Town Planning and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum criticized the need for bread-producing bakeries to be in a separate location: “Necessary measures have started to be taken quickly against the tremors earthen. It aims to protect local residents and the structures surrounding them by providing that the furnaces will be open in separate facilities adapted to the particular structure and dedicated to this purpose. Because furnaces damage the static structure of the building due to high temperature.

Felicity Konya party MP Abdulkadir Karaduman has submitted a proposal to the Speaker of the Assembly for the minister’s institution to respond. Recalling that with the changes in the regulations for opening a business, the requirement for bakeries producing bread to be of a certain size and to be in a detached location, Karaduman said: “This requirement leads to a monopoly in the production of bread and harms small artisan bakers. Shopping centers are exempt from the obligation. For what reason was the obligation of the ovens to be in a determined size and a detached place? Why are shopping centers exempt from this requirement? says his critics.



In his response to the motion, the Minister stated the following:

“Considering that many of our fellow citizens lost their lives lying under rubble during earthquakes following unplanned constructions, the necessary precautions began to be taken quickly and aimed to minimize loss of life and property. in future disasters. As a requirement of this process, the administration has determined certain rules and criteria in accordance with its legal basis to ensure public health and safety and also aims to protect structures. Because furnaces damage the static structure of the building due to high heat.



It is stipulated in the regulations that “bread ovens must be opened in isolated buildings allocated for this purpose (a separate building condition is not required for bakeries located in shopping centers with names such as hypermarkets, supermarkets, grossmarkets and megamarkets with an area of ​​​one thousand square meters and more)”. In this context, the opening of a bakery in such places with its own special legislation and a special structure dedicated to its object will not have the same risks and conditions as the operation of a bakery in other adjacent structures.In the judgment of the 17th chamber of the Council of State of June 18, 2015, the interior of shopping centers is that these shopping centers consist entirely of commercial units, operate according to certain opening and closing hours, and do not have the characteristics of a dwelling and cannot accommodate people, as such they are adjacent to the order and Considering that this will not cause safety and health problems that may arise from bakeries that are not located in a detached building, it is seen that the regulations whose cancellation is requested is not against the law.



Drawing attention to the possibility of access to bakery products in the decision of the Council of State in 2015, “In this system, where many goods and services are offered to the consumer together in the large markets established within the centers commercial, which allows the consumer to meet their needs from a single point, the bread offered as fresh and affordable Considering that it is unthinkable that there is no bread and bakery products, it is not in the public interest to require bakeries to be opened in a separate and detached building, as it is not in the public interest. It has been stated that the elimination of the possibility of access to affordable bread and baked goods would be contrary to the public interest.In his statement, the minister also highlighted the details and relevance of the regulations.

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