The race for the promotion of banks is retiring! Here are the new promotions

Retirement promotion payments began to be announced by banks. With the announcement of the 6-month inflation difference, the rates for civil servants and pensioners became clearer. While an increase of 41.69% was applied to civil servants and pensioners of the civil service, an increase of 42.35% was granted to pensioners of the SSK and Bağ-Kur.

The increase in pensions was reflected in bank promotion payments as an increase. Promotional payments of 5,000 lira and above began to be announced. Some banks give a promotion above 5,000 lira to those who carry the pension. Retirees who will carry their pension have until July 31.


Some banks offer a number of opportunities on their own applications, excluding promotional payment for pensioners. There are no additional charges for additional cards and bank-owned opportunities. Retirees using consumer credit benefit from advantageous credit interest rates. In addition, free money transfer and the ability to withdraw and deposit money at all ATMs are provided.


Retirees who wish to change banks can make their transactions from the ATM, internet banking or the nearest branch of the bank of their choice.

Promotional payments are made for 3 years. Retirees who have not completed three years can close their accounts by paying the difference in exit fees from their current bank.


SGK pensioners (pension funds, SSK and Bağ-Kur) who receive their salary from İşbank, prefer İşbank for the first pension payment or transfer their current pension to İşbank between June 27 and September 30, 2022, 5.000 TL. at . 3,500 TL for salaries below 1,500 TL (excluding 1,500 TL), 4,250 TL for salaries between 1,500 and 2,500 TL (excluding 2,500 TL) and 5,000 TL for salaries of 2,500 TL and above.

Guaranteed BBVA offers a promotional cash payment of 3,500 TL to those who receive a pension of up to 1,500 TL, 4,250 TL to those who receive pensions between 1,500 TL and 2,500 TL and 5,000 TL to those who receive a pension of 2,500 TL or more. Guaranteed BBVA also makes an additional payment of 250 TL for each pensioner parent who is asked to bring their salary with the “bring your relative” campaign, which all of its customers can benefit from.

ING Turkey is offering an unconditional extra cash promotion of up to TL 5,000 to those who take their pension to ING. According to the statement made by the bank, pensioners who carry their salaries can earn an additional promotion of 250 TL per person and up to a total of 1,250 TL, provided that they bring no more than 5 friends if they do their friends retired with ING. Thus, retirees have the opportunity to win promotions up to 6,000,250 TL in total. Those who report their pension to the bank in question, their total income for 1 month; Up to 1,500 TL, 3,000,500 TL, between 1,500 TL – 2,000,500 TL, 4,000,250 TL and 2,000,500 TL and above 5,000 TL are entitled to receive cash promotion.

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